The Romanovs

After reading the Venerable Seraphim of Sarov’s prophetic letter concerning the tsar’s family and Russian people, the tsar could not but cry. It took him a long time to come to his senses and return to his tasks. If the message had been from anyone else, the tsar might not have feared too much. Nikolai Romanov venerated this monk and proposed his canonization, and to show how much he respected him, he carried the coffin with the most precious remains of the venerable. However, we will never know the letter’s content, but tears speak for themselves.

Nikolai II Romanov was a very religious and orthodoxy patron, so Church primarily influenced his decisions. By accepting orthodoxy, his wife, Alexandra, German by origin, found peace of mind and displayed her humanity and sublimity through good deeds and volunteering as a nurse.

The planet of spirituality and religious feelings is Neptune which must be exalted in the natus’ chart. Neptune is the planet of forgiveness and mercy, and Nikolai was known to grant every plea for pardon. Neptune, at the very Ascendant, was responsible for his nature, and almost 100 years later, he was canonized and declared a martyr.

Czar of Russia Nikolai II, 6.5.1858 (jul.), 2:30 AM, TSARSKOYE SELO, RU

Neptune marked his life, and Taurus, his horoscope sign, brought him an enormous fortune inherited by birth. It meant little to him, so he gave the money to poor people as if he had known wealth was evil. This trait is supported by his Sun in Taurus (his horoscope sign) at the 27th degree, precisely at the unfortunate fixed star Algol. This demon star always portends ill-fated destiny and misfortunes, as was the case with the tsar and his family. In his 1st house, the Sun speaks of titles and positions – the tsar himself.

Aries Ascendant brought him courage and daringness. Aries points to military skills, and the tsar served in the army. Once, he took part in a 40-kilometre march with complete military equipment to test it. Under his rule, Russia went into two wars, first with Japan and then in WW I, to protect Serbia.

On April 28th, 1891, he was struck with a sword on his head while visiting Japan. The guards and the Japanese prince himself overcame an attacker, but the Russian tsar never forgot this incident. It may have been the cause for the war declaration on Japan much later. Why did this attack happen? Nikolai II was born with Ascendant in Aries, which represents a sharp object (sword) and the head. Neptune at the Ascendant means the conspiracy.

Among several planets in the tsar’s 1st house is Pluto, which indicates life-threatening danger and murder. The Sun at Algol is deadly enough. His marriage was a love match as his 7th house starts in Libra (love and partnership), but due to the conjunction of Venus and Uranus in his 4th house, his parents didn’t approve of this alliance. The Moon in Aries (the Moon describes his wife in Aries – German origin) speaks of Tsarina Alexandra’s background, and the Moon’s placement in the 12th house speaks of her fervent religious feelings (the 12th house), voluntary work as a nurse (the 12th house – hospital). Venus, the ruler of his 7th house at 12 degrees Cancer (the 12th degree – Pisces, hospital, religiosity), confirms her traits.

He and Alexandra got four daughters and a son Alexei, who had haemophilia. In astrology, the 5th house represents children, but if we look at each child, then the 5th house describes the first child, the 7th focuses on the second child, the 9th house presents the third, the 11th house is about the 4th child, and the 1st house relates to the 5th child.

The 1st house in the tsar’s chart begins in Aries – a man’s sign, so his 5th child was a son. Where can we see that he had haemophilia (a rare blood disease)? Neptune (disease) at the top of this house indicates his son’s illness, and as Neptune is in Aries (bloodstream), the tsar’s son had haemophilia.

The complex social and economic situation in Russia, heavy losses in WW 1 and poverty caused the revolution. The tsar and his family were taken into captivity and later transferred to Yekaterinburg, where, on July 17th, 1918, the Romanovs and their servants were executed in the cellar. Their bodies had been cut, soaked in gasoline and put on fire before being dumped into the deserted mine. More prominent bones were dissolved in sulphuric acid.

 Could anyone have survived?

Czarina of Russia Alexandra, 6.6.1972,3:45 AM, Darmstadt, GER

Look at the tsarina’s chart. Mercury, the ruling planet of her Gemini Ascendant, is in conjunction with Pluto (death) in the 12th house (Russia). Mars, the planet of aggression, is also at the very Ascendant. Could she have survived with such a natal chart? She stood no chance.


Princess Olga’s chart: She was born in Scorpio with Leo Ascendant. The ruler of her Ascendant is in Scorpio (lethal danger), and five more planets are in this sign. Could she have avoided her fate? No chance.



Princess Tatiana’s chart: She is Gemini with Virgo Ascendant. Mercury, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is laid out in the 9th house in Taurus. It could have been a fortunate position were it not for Mercury in opposition with Saturn and Uranus in Scorpio (life–threatening danger). Her Sun (father), in conjunction with Pluto (death) in Gemini, represents her siblings. Was it likely that she could have survived? There was only a slight likelihood.


Princess Maria’s chart: She was born in Cancer with Libra Ascendant. Its ruling planet Venus was jeopardized by Pluto (death). Could she escape death?


Princess Anastasia’s chart: There were stories that she survived the massacre. She was born in Gemini with Leo Ascendant. The Sun, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is in conjunction with Pluto (death) and Neptune (death). Due to the exalted 12th house, there were rumours that she managed to survive the execution. But with such a chart, she had no chance.


Prince Alexei: Leo with Scorpio ascendant. Ascendant in Scorpio (lethal danger) and Pluto, the ruler of Ascendant, placed in the 8th house (the house of Scorpio – death) indicates that there was no possibility of survival.

Unfortunately, we will never find the content of the mentioned letter that made tsar Nikolai II tearful. It was about himself and his family being granted a special place in heaven if he continued praying for the progress of Russia. 

Your astrologer,

Ana Raković

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