The sky is the limit – Dalai Lama

This world is a place with magical people that you might not have had a chance to meet. Yet, it would be best if you did not lose hope that they are here. There is some beauty and goodness in every human for which one loves and admires them even more. There is one man with the noblest mission on this planet.

He lives in Tibet, and his name is Dalai Lama. He follows Buddhism, one of the world’s largest religions, with practitioners in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, and many more. Tibetans believe that Dalai Lama is Buddha’s spiritual reincarnation, whose spirit enters the body of a newborn baby boy. Following Tibetan tradition, the boy is chosen to become Dalai Lama.

The current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Tibetan spiritual leader. Today, we will have a chance to read his natal chart.

Dalai Lama XIV, 4:38 AM, Taktser, Tibet, China

Dalai Lama’s sign and Ascendant are both in Cancer, which signifies his genuine care for humankind. Maybe more than all the others, this sign sympathizes most with man’s needs. In one of his interviews, he said: “When we face a tragic situation, our compassion comes to the surface. People usually do not think about such deep human values. But when they see their fellow brethren suffering, a compassionate reaction is instinctive.”

He often points out that all mortals should stick together, like a family, to overcome any affliction. People born with the sign of Cancer are family-oriented, and unless they have their own, they will consider all people their family, just like Dalai Lama.

In Tibet, he is regarded as the living God. Let’s find his spirituality in the chart. The Sun at the Ascendant (the planet that gives high positions in life) makes him recognizable and very influential. Sun is at 12 degrees – the degree of spirituality and divinity. Unsurprisingly, the Tibetans recognized Buddha’s reincarnation in a two-year-old boy among hundreds of other children. But that is not the whole story.

The Moon, the ruling planet of his Ascendant, is in Virgo, representing humility and restraint advocated by this religion. It is at 9 degrees Sagittarius (faith), and the Moon is in conjunction with Neptune (divinity, spirituality), the ruling planet of his 10th house (the house of highest achievements). All these have marked his life. Mercury, dispositor of the Moon, is laid out in the 12th house, the home of spirituality and religious feelings, which emphasizes his purpose in this world.

Even though he is regarded as a supreme divinity, Dalai Lama loves travelling and making jokes like a child. The Moon, the ruling planet of Ascendant in the 3rd Gemini house, is responsible for his mischievousness, curiosity, and love for talking to journalists.

When asked what advice he can give to people who are too concerned and fearful, he replied that one should not worry too much. “If there is a way to overcome the current situation, try doing it; there is no reason to worry.”

“And if there is no way to resolve the problem, then again, you have no reason to be concerned as you cannot do anything about it. You must accept it, just as you accept being old.”

Some people consider Buddhism to be a philosophical study and not a religion. Nevertheless, after Dalai Lama is gone, many wise sayings will outlive him. “Live a good and honourable life. That way, you will enjoy it again when you get old by remembering it.”


Ana Raković

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