Many women are interested in this subject, especially those trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully. It involves a more complex area, as many things from the natal chart must be analyzed, starting from Ascendant, the ruling planet of Ascendant, the planet in the 1st house, which can point to a potential problem. Then, we check the 5th house – the house of children and the 8th house, which also describes pregnancy.

Each natal chart is unique, so there is no pattern to look for specific problems.

Cancer and the Moon represent motherhood. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and this sign is the symbol of fertility. The Sun is in the 5th house, and its ruling planet describes a child. For example, if the 5th house starts in Pisces or has Neptune, it always indicates a possible child adoption or acceptance of your husband’s child from a previous marriage. If your 5th house is in Aquarius, it may signify getting a child before the wedding or out of wedlock. If it starts in Capricorn, it shows that you are unhappy being a parent or that you may become a parent later in life. But, this house is about your child, their characteristics and how you will get along with them.

The 8th house describes pregnancy. But that is where the problem arises because many women do not wish to talk about their past. This house explains the first pregnancy, the 10th house describes the second pregnancy, and the 12th house tells the course of the third one. The chart reading cannot be correct unless astrologers know about abortions or miscarriages.

Aquarius and Uranus mainly mean abortion. If Pluto and Scorpio are badly positioned, it can mean miscarriage or the loss of a fetus. Aquarius relates to the IVF procedure, and many rely on this procedure as the last hope.

 Have a look at these two examples.

The first chart shows a model who could not conceive, so she used a surrogate mother.

She was born with Ascendant in Cancer, but at 18 degrees (devil’s degree that portends ominous events). That is the first indicator (18 degrees) that she may have problems becoming a mother (Cancer). Moon is in Aries (male energy) in opposition (the worst aspect that indicates some obstacle) with Pluto (pregnancy). Pluto is the ruling planet of the 5th house (child), meaning this woman cannot become a mother. Neptune is in her 5th house, which means she adopted a surrogate child.

The second natal chart is of the woman who gave birth to healthy twins after 22 years of infertility.

She was born with Ascendant in Capricorn, infertile and cold sign. But something pointed to later pregnancy. Saturn, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is at 8 degrees (degree of Scorpio-pregnancy). Saturn is retrograde as well as Pluto in the 8th house, so the pregnancy happened after trying to conceive countless times.

Her 8th house (pregnancy) starts in Leo (success, life), which helps her feel new life inside herself. The 5th house, which describes children, starts in Taurus (fertility). Venus is in the 3rd house (Gemini – the 3rd house). Her 5th house continues in Gemini, which gave her twins.

I must emphasize that an astrologer is not a doctor. They can see if there is a problem with getting pregnant and direct you to consult a doctor.

Many couples have a plan for conceiving when it suits them, but nature or a natal chart has the last say. Finally, astrologers can tell you about the most favourable times for pregnancy.

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