Life in the darkness – Helen Keller

A healthy person never thinks about illness until they get sick. Only then does an ill person understand the importance of being healthy. Have you ever thought about what it is like to be born blind? How can a blind person learn what a flower is?

Our heroine, Helen Keller, was afflicted at 19 months with an illness that left her blind and deaf. At age 6, she could only communicate by pushing someone away from her or pulling them towards her if she wanted them to stay.

And then a new governess came to her home. Anne Sullivan, a teacher, taught her by showing signs in her hands. She would bring a doll and spell it, hoping the girl would connect the object with the word. Helen learned quickly to form letters correctly, but she needed to know how she had spelt them.

Not too long afterwards, Anne took Helen to the water pump, where Anne put Helen’s hand into the water and taught her to spell the word. Then, Helen touched the ground and asked Ann how it was written. At the end of that day, Helen learned thirty words and soon mastered the alphabet. Finally, she learned Braille’s alphabet (the alphabet for the blind) and was able to read and write.

She advanced fast and graduated from Radcliff College at the University of Harvard. Helen was active in the American Foundation for the blind, having visited 35 countries to promote their rights. She was also a prolific writer, having written 14 books, hundreds of letters and essays.

In astrology, Pisces represents disabled people, and the planet Neptune, found at Ascendant or combined with Ascendant, describes our body. But, as degrees are significant in astrology, they can also represent a person correctly. Degrees 12 and 24 can indicate specific health issues.

Helen Keller was born 27.6.1880, 16:00, Tuscumbla, AL, US

Helen Keller was born with Ascendant at 24 degrees Scorpio (degree of Pisces). Because Pluto was the first ruler of Ascendant at 27 degrees (degree of Gemini – writing), Helen learned to read and write quickly and became a great writer. But, the ruling planet of Ascendant at the fixed star Algol, which always portends doom and unfortunate circumstances, determined her destiny by making her blind. Fortunately, she overcame all obstacles with her beloved teacher’s assistance.

What does her horoscope say about her impaired sight?

The sign Cancer and the planet Moon in astrology represent eyes and sight. Helen was born in Cancer, but what points to the problem is the Moon in Pisces. The Moon represents eyes, whereas Pisces means night and darkness. Furthermore, her Moon is at 18 degrees, and, according to astrology, it is the devil’s degree which has the evil effect and always portends possible problems. Her Moon is even more prominent in the 4th house – the natural section of Pisces. In short, all those with the Moon in Pisces, especially at some unfavourable aspects, and the Moon in the 12th house (the natural section of Pisces – darkness, blurry vision, eye diseases) may have problems with eyesight.

The 9th house, the film industry’s natural section (Sagittarius’s natural home), is in Cancer (eyesight). Three films were based on her life in 1962, 1979, and 2000. She received an honorary Oscar for being an inspiration for the film. Like all Cancer, she loved people, fought for their rights, and encouraged them.

“Be brave! Do not think of today’s failures but of future successes. Bear in mind that every single effort to achieve something worthy is well-spent. Someday, somewhere, somehow, we will find what we are looking for.”


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