People have always looked up to the sky for some signs to explain the events in their lives. No one knows which civilization first used astrology, but it existed in Mesopotamia (Sumerian civilization, Babylonian Empire), as well as in the Inca empire, China, Egypt, and India. Astrology came to Europe via Greece, which had been the seat of astrology (the island of Kos), before moving to Rome. All kinds of prophecies, and the most well-known Apocalypse from the Bible, are described in the sign of Aquarius (future). Aquarius also represents all astrologers and prophets (people with prophetic visions). We sometimes associate these clairvoyant people with religion, and some religious people can predict the future (Saint Sava, Father Tadej, Father Gavrilo, Father Josif, Saint Seraphim of Sarov and others). In astrology, Neptune (clairvoyance) represents them, and this planet is highly exalted in Aquarius (future).

We all have Uranus in our horoscope (visions, prophecy) and Neptune (clairvoyance). Some call it intuition, logic, inevitable destiny or coincidences, and some have visions or clairvoyant dreams. I am pretty sure we must have had one of these experiences in our lifetime.

In astrological circles, it takes not only Aquarius, Uranus, Pisces, and Neptune to be clairvoyant but extremely prominent 29th degree of some sign. The most intuitive degree is the 29th degree of Pisces, as the last degree of the last zodiac sign. People with some planet, Ascendant, the top of the 10th house at 29 degrees or the house beginning at this degree can be clairvoyant.

It can happen subconsciously. For example, your friend has Ascendant at 29 degrees, and she tells you not to go somewhere as there won’t be anyone there. And it comes true. I am aware that some will call it intelligence, good observation or being well-informed, but not clairvoyance. But if the friend’s predictions are all too often correct, we may start wondering what it is all about.

So, 29 degrees of some sign can signify that the person can be clairvoyant. I have the 10th house (success, career) in Aquarius at 29 degrees (precognition).

We can find Aquarius or a powerful 11th house as predictors of precognition in the case of Baba Vanga, also born in Aquarius. Besides the Sun in Aquarius, she also had Venus and the Moon in this sign. Mars was at 29 degrees Sagittarius (degree of precognition). Her exact time of birth is unknown, making it impossible to analyze her natal chart in great detail.


The other natal chart belongs to a British astrologer who lived and worked in Australia. How can we see her occupation from the birth chart?

Being a double Leo, this person’s chart gives few signifiers save that the Sun is in the 12th house and that this person has a spiritual trait. But Uranus (astrologer) is in her 1st house (self). Then, her 10th house (career) begins in Taurus, but Venus, the ruling planet of the 10th house, is in the 11th house (the house of Aquarius-astrology) at 23 degrees (the degree of Aquarius), which confirms the story. I should point out that Aquarius and Moon in Aquarius are in her 6th house (occupation), which marked her astrological destiny.

One more randomly chosen case, but there are hundreds of them.

The third natal chart is of an American astrologer whose case is crystal clear, as he was born in Aquarius (astrologer) Ascendant, and the ruling planets of the 10th house (career) and the 6th house (occupation) are Jupiter and Mars, respectively, positioned in the house of Aquarius.

Astrologers differ among themselves. Some are good, some less so. You get along better with some compared to others. Some understand you better, some make you feel more relaxed, and some are reluctant to tell you the truth. You choose them as you choose a doctor. You can change them if they do not suit you.

My work and my texts should show you my approach to astrology and what you can expect to get during our conversation. It will be my pleasure if you decide to contact me.

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