Last time, Saturn was in Pisces on April, 1996. To get to know what this transit brings in following period, we have to know what Saturn represents in astrology and what sign of Pisces appoints to.
By its nature, Saturn is malefic, the planet that often brings adverse effects. It is often called Grand Teacher, and it definitely is. It gives us wisdom, but always in hard way. We have to have some negative experience so we could learn and understand something. Just like a child who can`t understand why he must not play with matches and fire until burns his fingers. Saturn is a planet which constantly puts us on different temptations and challenges. It brings us obstacles for a reason, makes it difficult to us just to see how we will manage situation. Saturn by purpose won`t give us what we want so we could realize that is something what we really want and need, not just some unreal craving. We have to be ready to work hard and make withdraws. Also, Saturn is planet of decrease, rejection and trouble. It represents time and waiting. In the following period, we will reach our goals much harder than usual and the sing of Pisces will give us more details.

Humanitarian organizations
On the other side, sign of Pisces is a sign of humanity, help and sacrifice. Our need to give a hand to other people is describe by the sign of Pisces, but all that will be minimized because of the Saturn. This period brings lack of feeling to help others or impossibility to help as much as earlier. The help is going to be less available and people are not going to be in the mood for helping. The sign of Pisces appoints to all charity and humanitarian organizations which in this period are going to be significantly weaken or won`t be able to find adequate support as before. Many humanitarian organizations are going to collapse or lost their credibility over various affairs. Many countries are going to be downsized or completely abolished.

Black market
On the other side, the sign of Pisces appoints to black market, smuggling, illegal business and all illegal actions. By entering Saturn in this sign, all these are going to be reduced. Controls and inspections are going to be reinforced. The states are going to search for even minor mistakes and felonies so they could charge, so be careful.

Sign of Pisces describes tourism and in following years it will be falling down. Tourist agencies are going to have less business and people are going to travel less. Everybody who makes for life in tourism should be prepared and find alternative solutions for completing the budget. One of the alternatives in the symbolics of Saturn is discount and deferred payment. That`s a way to successfully get out from bad period. Winter and mountain tourism are going to be on expansion. Who invested in real estates on mountains or winter tourism, that`s it, with this transit those investments are not going to be affordable.

Gas and oil
Gas and oil are also represented by the sign of Pisces and with Saturn (problems, blockades) in this sign, we can expect problems and shortages. As we are already witness, Western countries and Russia are in energetic war. Most of the gas pipelines are in interruption and now Russia could cut off gas and oil supply. Weather the West restricts (Saturn) Russia (Pisces) or Russia restricts the West, there are great chances for luck of these energy sources as it haven`t been for a long time. This so-called stabile situation could get worse, so we should be prepared for an alternative.

In zodiac, this country is described by the sign of Pisces. Entering Saturn in the Pisces is not favorable for Russia. It is going to face many difficulties and hard time. But, don`t worry, as and always, Russia will come out as a winner.

Doctors and health care
Complete medicine and employed in health care are represented by the sign of Pisces. The Hippocratic oath says that this humane science should help everybody in trouble, but now we are entering in period where doctors could become unprofessional and medicines ineffective. You should count on wrong diagnoses and that mental state and depression are going to be trigger for many diseases. Saturn in Pisces could cause shortage of medicines. On the other half, this is great period for ending pandemic and contagious diseases. Somehow, it will finally end.

Art is also described by sign of Pisces and in the following period it is going to be less appreciated. Probably this is going to be caused by inflation and degraded purchasing power of citizens. People are going to spend more money on the food and other supplies rather than art. At the same time, restorations are going to be a hit because Saturn is something old and the sing of Pisces appoints to the art. As for the music, real music values are going to be lost and low quality is going to be dominant. Many songs, no matter of genre, are going to be unnoticed and their popularity is going to be ended faster than they were made.

The God and religion
Many are going to loss faith in the God. Many will stop praying or go to church. This is a period when the church influence is going to be significantly reduced. People are going to lose their souls and sell themselves for a small money. People are going to be less compassionate and the God is going to punish us and make our lives much harder with various worries and troubles. You will have a feeling that God`s punish have reached you. All the bad things we have done in previous period is going to come for a due. This feeling is going to be in the whole word, no matter of religion.

Cigarettes and narcotics

What is going to be good in this period is that people are going to quit smoking because of various price increases. The same thing is going to happened with narcotics. Many people won`t be able to afford narcotics, so the selling of drugs will significantly decrease. Also, in following years the control of trade of narcotics will be on increase. Drug sellers could be arrested more often than otherwise.

Theft and thievery
The sign of Pisces appoints to people who are willing to get something illegal. Saturn in Pisces is going to bring much smaller prey and some thefts may be arrested and bring to justice. On the other hand, many thefts are going to low their criteria and will steal things you could never could be stolen. This is especially on Balkan. Saturn in Pisces brings period of destitution and hopelessness. It brings period when our human values are going to be on the minimum and many won`t ever regret for its actions.

How will this transit affect your zodiac sign?

ARIES – Poor health. Your sleep is also poor, so it would be good solution to buy a new bed, if it`s possible. Work on strengthening your mental health,
TAURUS – In the first year of transit you could distance from some of the friends you have lost confidence. In the second half of transit you could have health issue. It`s necessary to take some big life decisions.

GEMINI– Bad relationships with friends. Distancing from one of them.
Cancer – Uncertain situation at work. You could be on the constant criticism at your chief. Don`t expect success nor any praise. You can count only on yourself.
LEO – You will be in problems to pay back credits or loans.
VIRGO – There is cooling down in relation with your emotional partner. Distancing.
LIBRA – Saturn in your house of work brings problems with colleagues or staff. Business is decreasing, but you can overcome it by devote to old customers and clients.
SCORPIUS – Sobering up in the field of love. If you were in love, you could easily get disappointed and fall out of love. Problems with children or increased care for their health.
SAGITTARIUS – In the first half of transit, you could be disappointed because of lie of the young, close person from your family, but over the time you will forget about and repress it. The second half of transit brings breakdowns at home.
CAPRICORN – Finance troubles. Hide money away from yourself if you want to save it.
AQUARIUS – You will feel a little bit easier than in the period when Saturn have been in your sign, but your will become more selfish and more closed than usual.
PISCES – Saturn will teach you to grow up, get serious and take responsibility. Poor health.

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