Battle of Kursk

This story began two weeks ago when I watched T34, a movie based on a historical event. Made by Russians, who are getting better and better in the movie industry, the movie’s special effects showed that it could match Hollywood-produced films. T34 is about a famous Russian tank that brought victory in WW II.

After the movie, I started researching about the tank and its designer on the Internet. Finally, I got to the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in history.
Astrologers usually do a lot of research as they have limited knowledge, and they can only learn something new if they follow the dates and the natal charts for a specific day or a person. Even an insignificant detail can give a clearer picture or some new astrological information. Pictures then follow in succession to make a whole.
Let’s go back to the battle of Kursk. In the second column on the Serbian Wikipedia page, there are four names of Russian generals who commanded the decisive tank battle in WW II. I checked the birth dates of each one of them.

Georgy Zhukov was born in Sagittarius.

Konstantin Rokossovsky was born in Sagittarius.

Nikolai Vatutin was born in Sagittarius.

 Ivan Konev was born in Capricorn. In astrology, Sagittarius represents a horse, so his surname (meaning horse) gave him the energy of this sign.

Why is all this significant?

Sagittarius, as well as Leo and Aries, belong to fire signs. All three signs represent the army in the following sequence. Aries is a soldier or a lower-rank soldier, Sagittarius is a general or the second highest rank, and Leo represents the president, king or emperor who issues orders.

It is not easy to become a general, but luck also plays a big part in reaching this rank. Sagittarius and Jupiter, its ruling planet, signify fortune that can sometimes be crucial. Weapons also play a significant role in the war. But luck is the most decisive factor.

How helpful was T34?

Mikhail Koshkin’s natal chart can provide an answer. The date of birth of the distinguished T34 designer is unknown, but we can learn a lot even without this fact.

Mikhail Koshkin was born 3.12.1989, Yaroslavl, Russia

Is it surprising that he was also born in Sagittarius, with two more planets in this sign? It is an additional fortunate circumstance in the game of war. What represents the tank in the chart? What is its symbolism? Tank is a vehicle – Mercury with armour, Saturn, and Capricorn for all terrains (Saturn, Capricorn).

The same symbolism applies for terrain vehicles and jeeps today (these are the only vehicles to drive in the mountains – Mercury in Capricorn). Since Mars (weapons) is exalted in Capricorn (tank), it is armed and does not represent just a vehicle. Mercury is at 2 degrees, the degree of Capricorn.

Why is this degree so powerful? What does it mean?

This degree is present in the charts of every inventor. I will explain how it works. Mercury (vehicle) is at 2 degrees (the best) of Capricorn (tank). And what is the best part in this? Koshkin’s Mercury is in the sextile with Jupiter, the planet of continuance, far-away travels (T34 finally reached Germany) and global fame.  The planet Jupiter was so welcome to support the tank to eternity. It was like God’s blessing.

Russia was born in Pisces, which represents faith and orthodoxy. God has protected this country so many times. It may have happened during this battle when these five generals defeated Germany and gained eternal glory.

Can you get a higher rank in the army? Are there any generals in your surroundings? If you have Jupiter in the 4th house or Sagittarius, it could mean that someone from your family had had a high military rank. You may also possess genetic dispositions for a military career. Do you know a general from your surroundings? It may be your friend’s father or your neighbour. If you know them, send your data, so I will show you how astrology works.

Are you starting to believe in this science? Can you grasp its magical power? Pentagon generals never start an attack without consulting an astrologer. They prepare the dates in advance. They never leave anything to chance. What about you?

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