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If you are a Serbian in Vienna, the closest European country in the EU, walking the streets or riding public transport, you will surely hear your native language. Even if you get lost, you must wait for a little to hear someone speak Serbian, and they will help you.

It makes sense that there are many Serbians in the nearest European city. And not only from Serbia but other countries that used to be part of Yugoslavia. Nowadays, when everyone is looking for a better job, many find the solution in working abroad.

The most educated people can find jobs abroad most easily. It is easy to explain. Jupiter and Sagittarius (university) represent all those with a degree or knowledge of a foreign language, and this sign also means foreign countries.

Still, when we are talking about overseas countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or New Zealand, Sagittarius and Jupiter are prominent, as well as Neptune and Pisces (sea, far away regions) as key astrological indicators.

Which indicators point to life abroad?

The first to go abroad are people born in the sign of Sagittarius or Sagittarius Ascendant, then those whose ruling Ascendant is in the 9th house (the house of Sagittarius-foreign countries), and people who have Jupiter (foreign countries) in the 1st house. We check the 4th house to see where you live and if there are chances for living abroad. There are infinite variations on this subject.

Here are a few examples of how it works.

The first chart is of my client, who lives in Germany. Her sister is also there. Her Ascendant is in Libra, and the ruling planet of the Ascendant is Venus in Aries. This sign represents Germany, and this woman has two more planets in Aries: Mercury and the Sun. The Sun speaks of prosperity that awaits her in Germany (Aries). But none of these shows that she lives abroad for sure.

Jupiter (the planet of foreign countries) is in her 1st house. And that is enough.

How can we see that her sister also lives abroad?

If you look at her 3rd house representing our siblings, you will see that it starts in Sagittarius (foreign countries). That shows that her sister also lives abroad.

Another example is the chart of the young woman who got a degree in Vienna and now works as an HR consultant.


She was born with a Gemini Ascendant and Mercury in Sagittarius (foreign countries).

 Mercury is in conjunction with Uranus, the ruler of the 10th house, which indicates success in a foreign country (Sagittarius). Jupiter (university) and the 9th house (foreign country) speak of her degree and life abroad.

There are countless stories, but here is one more to finish this topic.

The last one is the chart of a young man who went to Ireland to work as a pizza chef. He came there at his friend’s recommendation.

He was born with Sagittarius Ascendant. Everything is evident at first glance. How can we see that he went there at his friend’s suggestion?

Jupiter, the ruling planet of his Ascendant, is in the 11th house, which describes friends. 

I must emphasize that Jupiter (foreign countries) is at 9 degrees, which speaks of his friend living abroad. That also explains why his friend encouraged him to go overseas.

Can you live abroad? Can you manage away from your birthplace? Will nostalgia make you wish to come back home? Which country is the best for you? Where can you find happiness?

Which country won’t make you feel good, and which one will not help you make any progress?

If you are currently in Germany, it doesn’t mean that Sweden may not be a better choice and that you won’t be happier there.

Consult your astrologer and solve your dilemmas.



Ana Raković

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