World War II – Attack on Poland

Accordingly to today transits, we will look back into the past – at the beginning of the World War II. It all started with German`s attack on Poland od the 1st of the September 1939. In the middle of todays unstable situation in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus were things could escalate any second, we should remind ourself to the happenings from the middle of the last century.

Poland has been always place one the border of the East and the West. Germany and Russia have torn it apart into two parts. The influence of both countries could be felt even today.

German army began bombing Polish airports in 4.40 in the morning and with that started World War II. Chart no 1 is the chart of the beginning.

The Moon (which indicates daily events)  was placed on the most powerful 2nd degree of Aries (war). Zodiac sign of Aries also represents Germany (in its genetic horoscope), so its so logical that this country started a war. Little remind: if there haven`t been Germany and its support to Austro-Hungarian Empire, there wouldn`t be World War I. Germans have the war in their blood.

Beside the Moon in the sign od Aries (war), the Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter (foreign) – all that indicates about attack on the other country. The sign of Sagittarius shows Germans desire to expansion, but nobody could even imagine that this sparkle would inflame the whole Europe.

And where was the Mars (planet of the war) on this day?

The Mars was in exalted sign of Capricorn which tells us this war is going to be long (6 or 7 years) and it is going to last until the last breath because the Mars in Capricorn is not giving up until it wins or loses.

It`s interesting to compare this chart of attack on Poland with the chart of the Third Reich and we can see that the planet of war – the Mars is placed on the top of the 10th house of the Third Reich and this house is the house of the supreme authority – which belonged to Adolf Hitler. This fact tells us that order to attack was given directly by Hitler and that he was properly notified about every move of German`s army. In this moment couple of planets have been passing through 12th house in German`s chart which means that the whole preparation and action have been made in the top secret and Europe have been surprised by this attack.

Just to mention, Germany in the chart of the Third Reich had the Sun in the Aquarius, Ascendant in the Taurus on Algol, evil fixed star which often has characteristics of the Pluto. Because of all of this, Germany was threated as cancer, the evil which is expanding more and more. Considering that the Venus (the ruler of the Ascendant) is in the 9th house, the intension of the Germany was to expand its territory (Taurus) over other countries (9th house – Sagittarius – foreign, expansion). Because of the 3 planets in sign of the Aquarius, the attack was quick and lightning fast (Aquarius – speed, surprise) known as Blitzkreig (translated Lightning war).

The Chart of Poland itself could produce many troubles because this country was founded in the sign of Scorpio and with Ascendant in Capricorn, 1st degree – degree of the Aries – war. Also, the Mars, planet of War is placed in the 2nd degree of Capricorn, on the very Ascendant of this country: this all tells us that this country could easily slip into the troubles with wars, be on the others target, but also to provoke other countries by its politics.

The history has lots of dates of the beginnings of wars on all continents, but the World War II was the biggest so far. It has far the most participants, not just from Europe, but also Asia, America and Africa.


Yours astrologist

Ana Raković

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