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It is well known that air signs are more intelligent than others, although it often isn’t crucial to determining our success or outstanding achievements. We need luck and good planetary placement in the natal chart. The cards have been shuffled and dealt at our birth, and it’s up to us to make the most of them.

There are three air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Virgo can be added to this intelligent group, as its natural ruler is Mercury (intelligence), as well as Sagittarius representing higher education in the horoscope.

The natal charts of intelligent people must have these signs, although Gemini is one of the most prominent.

The natural houses of birth charts belonging to these signs can be prominent: the 3rd house (Gemini), the 7th house (Libra) and the 11th house (Aquarius). Here are a few examples to show how it works. They are all members of MENSA or people whose IQ is very high.

The first example:

It is the chart of an American programmer. He was born with Gemini Ascendant. This sign represents computers and IT experts, so it was logical that he was born in this Ascendant. Mercury, the ruler of Ascendant, is in the 10th house (the section of success). All planets in the 10th house speak of the fields in which a person will succeed. They will be successful in the area in which the planet has an impact. Four planets in Aquarius (the 11th house) and Jupiter (the planet of high education) in Libra (intelligence) all speak of a brilliant person.

The second example:

It is a chart of a Peruvian man, a TV agent. He was born with a Gemini Ascendant. Mercury, the ruler of Ascendant, is in the 3rd house (the house of Gemini, intelligence); there are three more planets in Libra (intelligence), and Uranus (planet of extraordinary intelligence) is in Gemini.

The third example:

The American estate agent is a double Taurus, which speaks of his orientation towards material things and real estate, but what indicates his high IQ? Venus, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is placed in Gemini (intelligence), three more planets are in this sign, and two planets are in the 3rd house (the house of Gemini).

Persons born in this sign or Ascendant may start rejoicing, but I must emphasize that each sign has its good and bad sides. Due to their vast interest in various things, Gemini can dissipate their energy and only achieve a little.

Does intelligence guarantee success? If you compete in quiz shows, do crosswords, or play puzzles; the question is if you can make a fortune off your intelligence or become famous as an innovator. Suppose you followed directions from your 10th house, which unerringly shows how to achieve success. That task is a challenging one, though. They will need someone to decipher celestial placement at the moment of their birth. They will need an astrologer.

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