Do I have talent for astrology?

Many beginners and astrology devotees ask this question, and it can also motivate them to commit thoroughly to this science. It is easy to learn theory, but only continuous work, research, comparing charts with events and a lot of experience can bring quality. We should check what we read online as it may not be correct.

Someone can tell you that the Earth is flat, but you should not accept it without checking. Mile Dupor, one of our greatest astrologers and the founder of astrology in former Yugoslavia, once wrote in his book never to believe anything before checking.  

I admire numerous astrologers who do not deal with astrology for public use but only for their own needs and their loved ones. You do not need clients, a website or social media to be an astrologer.

How is astrology presented in a horoscope? Which planet describes it?

Aquarius and Uranus, the ruling planet of this sign, represent all kinds of prophecies (The Tarabic family, Baba Vanga, Nostradamus). Therefore, Aquarius is the most significant and prominent in the astrologer’s horoscope.

If astrologers meet clients and write a horoscope or astrological texts, they must have exalted Mercury, Virgo or Gemini in their natal charts, besides Aquarius.

Uranus is exalted (the most potent effect) in Scorpio (11 degrees), so this sign is part of the story about astrology. In my view, people born in Scorpio or Scorpio Ascendant most often ask for an astrologer’s help. Persons born in the sign or Ascendant of Aquarius, or those with Uranus in the 1st house, exalted 11th house or a lot of planets in it, and planets at 11 or 23 degrees may have an intense interest in astrology or talent for this science.  To be an astrologer by vocation, they must have indicators in their natal charts in the 6th and 10th house (career).

Here is an example of how it works.  Astrologers worldwide contribute to the astrological site with a great database.

One astrologer was born with Aquarius Ascendant, which momentarily shows interest in this science. But the question is whether he is talented for it. After Ascendant, we check the position of its ruling planet, Uranus, in this case. It is in the 4th house in Gemini. It is a good placement as he has an interest (Gemini) and knowledge to share with clients. Uranus is in conjunction with two more planets, the Sun (success) and the Moon, and the planet that points to people, namely clients. The Moon rules the 6th house (clients), and as all are positioned in his 4th house (home), we can deduce that this astrologer meets clients at home.

The second chart belongs to an astrologer born in Libra Ascendant.

Other than this air sign, there are no more indicators for affinity for astrology. Venus is positioned in the 4th house and is in conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius. So, this person was born in Aquarius, therefore, naturally talented at astrology. The Moon, the ruling planet of the 10th house (career and success), is also in Aquarius (astrology), which once again shows that this person is a successful astrologer and works with people (the Moon, Cancer) to give them astrological service (Aquarius).

The third example is the natal chart of a person born in Capricorn with Pisces Ascendant.

It would seem that there is no potential, but appearances can be deceiving. Firstly, and most importantly, this person has Uranus (astrology) at the top of the 10th house, the so-called zenith of the horoscope, which points to success, this time in astrology. Secondly, this astrologer has three planets in the 11th house (astrology), and the ruling planet of the 6th house (clients) is in the 11th house – the house of astrology.

Finally, let’s go back to the beginning, to the Ascendant at 23 degrees Aquarius (astrologer) in Pisces. The second ruling planet of the 1st house is Mars in Aquarius (astrologer).

Now you have a clearer picture of how we found more indicators than we expected for the person who deals with astrology.

I am sure many of you will look at your birth charts to see if you have similar indicators.

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