Elvis Presley – The King of Rock and Roll

I don’t know about you, but I always think about something and do some research. I have recently watched a few interesting films, one of which particularly moved me. It’s a movie about the life of a famous actress, Judi Garland. I had to check her photos on Google as I had forgotten about her. From today’s perspective, she looked ordinary, but she must have had some exceptional talent that made her famous. I could not detect it in the photos, so I played some of her songs on YouTube. I immediately understood what it was.

But she was not the only one. All over the world, those music stars captivated the audience with their energy, appearance, and vocal abilities, and it couldn’t have happened by accident. I believe that we no longer know what a true star is, as they are undoubtedly unlike our Grand Show stars or even today’s music icons. They all have one thing in common, though. They all practised hard to achieve stardom, often at the cost of their private lives. Fame didn’t come overnight.

And none of them were just singers. They were talented in stage performance, dancing and acting as well.

Take Elvis Presley, for example. I bet half of the younger generations haven’t watched his performances. He was dubbed “The King of Rock and Roll”, and again, not by accident.

Play any video to watch his energetic moves. The young would say he nailed it in every performance. He was a musician, singer, and dancer.

Elvis Presley was born 8.1.1935, 4:35 AM, Tupelo, MS, US

He was born in Capricorn with Ascendant precisely at 12 degrees Sagittarius, the same as for the USA, which made his path to stardom in his home country much more effortless. The 12th degree gives musicality (Pisces, Venus –music, art) and talent for dancing movements. Michael Jackson, famous for his dance moves (find the text about his work on my website), was born with Ascendant in Pisces (dance).

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Elvis’ Ascendant, is at notorious 18 degrees Scorpio, the so–called devil’s degree, which brought him an inglorious end and untimely death caused by overdose. Jupiter is near the top of the 12th house (drugs, addiction). Unfortunately, the 18th degree never looks positive and can bring negative things anytime.

How can we see in his chart that he gained popularity with his voice?

The placement of the Sun (the planet of success) in our chart determines which field we will be most successful in. Elvis’ Sun in the 2nd natal house, the natural section of Taurus, represents voice, vocal cords and singing. So it makes sense that he was so talented for music with such placement. Besides Sun, there are two more planets, Venus and Mercury, in the 2nd house, and all the planets are in Capricorn, the sign that brought him a husky and sexy voice that appealed to his audience. Capricorn also brought him longevity and long-term existence, so his music will be famous for a long time.

The 2nd house is the natural house of money, and those with such a sensual and husky voice can achieve a lot and make big profits. Some world-renowned psychologists have studied this phenomenon and come to the same astrological conclusion. 

As I have written in previous texts, the 10th house is the house of success. From this house and the planet placement, we can see which field a person is the most successful. Elvis’ 10th house starts in Virgo, whose ruling planet, Mercury, is in the 2nd house (singing). In his 10th house, there is also Libra (art, song,) whose ruling planet Venus is also laid out in the 2nd house (singing, voice).

 If we look at the 6th house (the house of a job), we can see that it starts in Taurus (singing, voice), so everything finally gives a whole picture. There are no coincidences. Planets have chosen us, and we have started them.

You sometimes wonder if you have chosen the right job and whether there is something else at which you can have more success and profits. You may still need to find your true calling and figure out how to do it. If that is the case, an astrologer can advise you about the best possible option.

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Your astrologer,

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