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It was Dec 19, 2013, the day when many were setting off on holiday. The skiing season was at its peak. It is the time when Westerners try to be with their families and do what they like most. In summer, they can afford to go to the seaside and ski resorts in the winter. Michael Schumacher was no different, and considering his annual profits, he could have owned a ski center had he wanted it. Fate determined for him to have an accident in the mountains, although his life was in danger every time he took part in the race. Many other racing drivers lost their lives or got seriously injured, but he always ended as a winner.

The day before the accident, it had snowed heavily, so Schumacher couldn’t see the snow-covered rock on time but slipped while skiing, hit his head and sustained severe injuries. That day his life changed in a second. Luckily or not, he survived. Reading his natal chart, I believe he wished he had not. 

Michael Schumacher born 3.1.1969, 13:44, Hurth, Germany

Michael Schumacher was born in Capricorn with Gemini Ascendant (the chart was rectified for one minute). As the chart reading always starts with Ascendant, I will do so too. Ascendant itself speaks about our self and aspirations. People born in Gemini (driving, car, traffic) Ascendant love cars and travelling. Gemini and Mercury represent professional drivers. Even those who drive buses, taxis or delivery vans have exalted Gemini and Mercury in their horoscope. Next, we look at where his Mercury, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is positioned. Schumacher’s chart is precisely at the MC, at the top of his horoscope, which predicts his triumphant career as a racing driver. Many dispute the sign of Capricorn and Saturn, but I have a different view because I think this sign and planet are the strongest in a horoscope. The 10th house, the house of success, is the natural house of Capricorn, and according to that, Saturn is the main planet of the horoscope, which shows what our legacy will be, whereas the Sun shows our achievements. They need not be consistently linked.

Saturn at the top of the 10th house gives longevity and unbeatable records. In short, Mercury at the MC, the ruling planet of Ascendant, points to triumphs in racing (Mercury). But, as you know, this story has no happy ending.

Michael Schumacher will stay paralyzed until the end of his life because the dispositor of his Mercury is Saturn at 18 degrees (the degree that always brings accidents) in the 12th house (immobility).

What pointed to such a horrendous skiing accident in his horoscope?

In astrology, Saturn represents winter, skiing, and rocks. All these were fatal for him on that December day. Saturn is in Aries (head), which is why he fell and hit his head on the rock.

His 8th house, the house of lethal danger, begins at 22 degrees (Capricorn degree – skiing and mortal danger) in Sagittarius (foreign country – France). Jupiter, the ruling planet of the 8th house, is in conjunction with Uranus (plane, helicopter). Everyone claims that Schumacher survived because of quick transportation to the nearest hospital.

Let’s look at the transits on that day concerning his natal chart and see if something could have been anticipated from them.

What is most evident from the chart is the transit of Pluto (lethal danger, transformation) across the natal Sun (life) that portended adversity. Firstly, the transit of Pluto across the natal Sun in Capricorn meant that nothing would ever be the same in his life. Schumacher’s family may hire the best doctors and try the procedure of stem cell transplants or the newest drugs, but he is unlikely to recover.

Secondly, what was most apparent on that lousy day and what made astrologers speechless was the position of Mercury, the ruling planet of his Gemini Ascendant. That Mercury (Schumacher himself) was at 22 degrees Sagittarius, precisely at the top of the 8th house, the house of lethal danger! Even Jupiter, the ruling planet of the 8th house was endangered by Mars (injury), which was precisely on it that day.

Unfortunately, solar directions (the way of prediction in astrology) point to the transit of Pluto across the natal Sun. But the solar horoscope still needs to be done because we do not know where he spent his last birthday. Due to different geographical coordinates, it is a crucial fact during the solar horoscope reading.

It may happen that some new racing driver will beat Schumacher’s records, but he is still Number 1. His son has the ambition to succeed him as the best Formula 1 driver. Time will show if he has inherited that winning gene.

Life stories are strange, and each one is unique. We should strive to live our best lives but also be aware of the things that frighten us and the things to avoid. Most often, people can feel these subconsciously. Our fears unerringly show what we should evade. Do not ever fall under the influence of other people who want to make you do something you do not or fear most.

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