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Eva Peron was born out of wedlock in a dysfunctional family. Her father never claimed paternity as he had other children with another woman he lived with. Living in a humble cottage, her mother sewed all day to feed her five children. At 15, Eva packed her suitcase with dreams and travelled to Buenos Aires to pursue an acting career. But, no matter what luxury she lived in later, she could always smell poverty that propelled her to succeed at all costs.

Several years later, when she was a renowned actress that everyone lusted after, she met Juan, a tall, charming man with a film-star smile, at a charity party. That was the decisive moment for their lives and the whole of Argentina. At that moment, they were unaware of that.

Life often plays tricks on us, and destiny always brings two people that are meant to meet.

Was it love, passion or mutual ambition that joined them? Be what it may, a year after their encounter, Juan became the president of Argentina, while Eva, besides acting, worked on a radio station presenting a radio show. She convinced the Argentines that Juan was the right choice for them. In 1944, he became vice President and Minister for war, but he made a lot of enemies. Perón was ousted from his position by coup and imprisoned for nine days. Three days after he left prison, they got married, and he filed for presidential candidacy. And he won.

Historians claim nowadays that he would never have decided to do so had it not been for Eva. She inspired him to go into politics and become the president.

The two became the presidential couple that no other Latin country has ever had. Eva and Juan appeared to be harmonious and authentic; wherever they went, they promoted Argentina best. They were famous worldwide. Do you know the name of today’s Argentine President? No? I do not know, either. You can only imagine their impact on their country and the whole world.

How can we see her influence on her husband in her natal chart?

Eva Peron was born, 7.5.1919, 5:00 AM, Buenos Aires, Argentina


She was born in Taurus Ascendant. This sign speaks of her wish to get rich and forget the poverty she was born into. Money motivated her, and she was later known to spend lavishly on dresses, jewellery, hats, and shoes. She thought the first lady must look presentable in every moment and never regretted spending on herself. The sign of Taurus brought all those expensive things, as it is prominent in her chart, but also Venus in the 2nd house (the house of money).

The Sun and Mars are in the 1st house. The Sun brought her fame by acting, as this planet and Leo represent this art. The Sun also affected her growing ambition to have more achievements. Mars, in conjunction with the Sun, speaks of Eva’s energy to put her ideas into action. Mars is the second ruling planet of the 7th house that starts in Scorpio (Scorpio – widower – her husband’s first wife died). Its placement in the 1st house speaks of their strong mutual affection and her influence on Juan. She inspired him, and he did his best for her.

Does Eva’s influence show in his natal chart?

Juan Peron, 7.10.1895, 10:00 AM, Lobos, Argentina


He was born in Libra with Ascendant in Capricorn. All Libra are known for their diplomacy and remarkable politicians. This sign is simply the best for this field, so it is no wonder Juan pursued this career. His Ascendant in Capricorn, with Saturn as the ruling planet in the 11th house, speaks more of his party activism than leadership. But, one person persuaded him that he could achieve more. It was Eva.


If the 7th house belongs to the first spouse, then the 9th indicates the 2nd one, Eva. It starts in Leo, which speaks that his wife is an actress (Leo), but with enough ambition to encourage him for bigger things. Leo indicates the presidency and highest authority which shows Eva’s aspiration. The Sun, the ruling planet of the 9th house, is laid out in the 10th house (the house of career and success), which brought him victory in the presidential election. He became the president because of Eva.

Unfortunately, the story has no happy ending. Not long after Juan became the President, Eva got sick and died of cervical cancer. Juan was lost and disoriented, which caused his precipitous fall. He had no one to fight for; the power no longer interested him as he couldn’t share his joys and achievements with the only person who supported and motivated him. Juan Peron realized nothing had any sense without her as Argentina mourned her death.

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