We live in an Aquarius Age that has changed our lifestyles and world views. For example, we can notice an increase in the divorce rate or in unmarried couples compared to a decade ago. This sign’s impact is that it represents divorce, break-ups, and unmarried couples. At the same time, we have more freedom to express different sexual orientations, while gay parades have become ordinary events in all modern countries. No one talked about homosexuality in the past, but it has been a much-discussed topic for the last 20 or 30 years. Aquarius influences these changes, too, and it represents homosexuality.

It doesn’t mean that every Aquarius is gay, but there are many gay people in this sign. Both, Ascendant and its ruling planet in Aquarius can point to homosexuality. The third indicator is Uranus in the 1st house, more planets in Aquarius, or at Aquarius degree, and the prominent 11th house, the natural house of Aquarius). 

Here is an example of how it all works:

The 1st example is of a person born in Aquarius. Her Ascendant is in Leo, whose ruling planet, the Sun, is laid out in Aquarius (homosexuality). Of course, that cannot be enough evidence.

Checking the top of her 5th house, which describes emotional partners, we can see it starts at 23 degrees Aquarius, which activated her secret affinity. I emphasize the word secret on purpose because her 8th house (sexuality) is in Pisces (something hidden, secretive), while Neptune, as its ruling planet, is at 12 degrees Pisces (secret sexual affinity). In life, Pluto, the natural ruler of Scorpio, indicates a person’s sexuality. When this planet is in the 12th house (something hidden, different), we can conclude that something is different here.

The following example is a world-renowned English singer who speaks publicly about his sexual orientation. Have a look at Elton John’s natal chart.

He is Aries-Sagittarius in his horoscope. Nothing unusual, but things become more apparent when we look more thoroughly. As always, we start from Ascendant, Sagittarius. First, its ruling planet is placed in Scorpio (sexuality) in the 11th house (the house of Aquarius – possible homosexuality). Second, the dispositor of his Jupiter is Pluto (planet of sexuality), placed at 11 degrees Aquarius (gay) in the 8th house, which means a change of interest from the opposite to the same sex. Finally, look at his 5th house, which indicates emotional partners. His 5th house starts in Taurus, and its ruling planet, Venus, is in Aquarius at 23 degrees Aquarius.

The third example is the chart of Jodie Foster, a famous actress who doesn’t hide her sexual orientation.

She was born in the sign of Scorpio with Sagittarius Ascendant. The ruler of Ascendant is placed in the sign of Pisces (secrecy), so she must have concealed her different sexual orientation in her youth (Jupiter in the 3rd house). Jupiter’s dispositor is in the 11th house (the section of Aquarius – homosexuality) with three more planets. When the 11th house is so exalted, it indicates homosexuality.

There are countless examples, and more texts will soon be on this subject. In Aquarius Age, it is becoming normal what we didn’t consider as such. We are at the beginning of a new age, so we should accept diversity, as the sign of Aquarius means freedom of expression. It would be contrary to laws to apply different criteria for different issues.

As an Aquarian, I can only say: “Live and let live.”

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Ana Raković

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