Being a president of some country or be on some high position is not so easy as it seems. It brings along lot of challenges and dangerous. There will always be someone who will be mad at you because of your political decisions, the way you rule or you will be the reason of his problem or bad luck.

In history we could find countless examples how some presidents, rulers of counties or religious leaders lost their lives in assassinations. American history is especially rich in political murders, but others countries are also right there in behind – Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Aleksandar Karadjordjevic I, Franc Ferdinand, Indira Gandhi, Sweden prime minister Ulof Palme, prime minister of Serbia Zoran Djindjic and many others.

What appoints that someone could get killed in assassination?

Everybody born with the Ascendant in sign of Scorpio (death), the ruler of the Ascendant in this sign, with Pluto (ruler of the sign of Scorpio) in 1st house, with the Ascendant on degree of Scorpio (8th or 20th degree) or the ruler of the Ascendant placed in the 8th house (natural house of Scorpio – death) – all of this indicates that natus could be in death danger. Never the less, this setting of horoscope has many people and it doesn’t mean that the one will die this way, but it surly means that his life is endangered in some way.

In this case, special attention should be given to 22nd degree of every zodiac sign because this degree literally means to kill or to be killed. When this degree is highlighted in natal chart there is need for special precaution.

During studying various natal charts of famous people who got killed in assassinations, I have to notice that also 10th house have been endangered (house of supreme authority) and often ruler of the 10th house was placed in the sign of Scorpio (death) – giving a warning that the person could be killed while being in the most highlighted position in his life.

And one more thing.

7th house in every natal chart describes or known rivals or better to say our enemies, and often the ruler of the 7th house (enemy) placed in 1st house (natus – person who`s natal chart is) tells us that an enemy is coming to us.

Abraham Lincon was born 12.2.1809, 6:45 AM, Hodgenville,KY, US

Let`s take a look in few examples.

The first example is US president Abraham Lincoln. He was killed while he was getting out of the theatre. (We will not discus the reasons why someone got killed or who did it.)

Lincoln was double Aquarius. His Ascendant is on 22nd degree of Aquarius – degree which indicates possibility to be killed, and the ruler – Uranus is placed in bad 8th house (house of mortal danger).

In 1st house Lincoln also has Pluto – the planet of death, mortal danger. Afterwards, when we take a look into 10th house, we see it begins in the sign of Sagittarius and Jupiter (its natural ruler) is again in 22nd degree (to kill or to be killed) – all this clearly indicates that Lincoln`s life was in threat while being on the position of the president.

And also, the ruler of the 7th house – the Sun is placed on his Ascendant which tells us that enemy approached and fired at him.

The second example is Austrian archduke Franc Ferdinand who was killed in Sarajevo on 1914 by Gavrilo Princip.  What in his chart indicate that he could be killed?

Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand was born 18.12.1863,7:15 AM, Graz, Austria

He was born as double Sagittarius. This is a great set of the natal chart, many would think, but you should look more carful and closer. His Ascendant was on malware 18th degree (bad luck) of Sagittarius and Jupiter (ruler of the Ascendant) is in the sign of Scorpio (mortal danger).

After that, take a look at his 10th house which tells us what is his rulership is going to be. We can tell it starts in the sign of Libra – indicates he is the ruler of the Austria (sign of Libra) and its ruler is also positioned in the sign of Scorpio (sign of death).

Let`s go to the 7th house (known enemies) and we can see it begins in the sign of Gemini and its ruler Mercury (younger person) in Capricorn (Serbian origin) is placed in this 1st house (himself) – all this is telling us that his enemy took the first step and killed him.

In natal chart of Franc Ferdinand the special story is told in 8th house (house of death) which begins in Cancer and the ruler is in the 3rd house (death on the trip – 3rd house and in the car – 3rd house). The Moon is in the conjunction with Neptune (conspiracy) and both planets in the sign of Aries (war) – this happening was the cause for beginning of the World War I.

And the third example is the natal chart of the Chilean president Salvador Allende who were killed in coup arranged by August Pinochet.

He was born in the sign of Cancer and with the Ascendant in the sign of Aries on the 22nd degree (22nd degree – to kill or to be killed) – which tells us his death happened during the coup (Aries). It`s interesting that the ruler of the Ascendant is on the 22nd degree of the Cancer (degree of the murder) and once again points out how this degree is awkward. There are no evidence that Salvador Allende was killed in the coup and his enemies did everything they could not to be directly accused for his death. Let`s see what is going on while Allende is ruling. There is the coupe when he loses his life. His 10th house which represents rulership is in the sign of the Capricorn – that points out that person`s reputation is getting worse or some kind of indignation. Saturn, the ruler of the 10th house is in the sign of Aries (coup) in 12th house (military betrayal) and its dispositor Mars is on the 22nd degree (murder).

One way or another, presidents are being changed. The ones who are popular with the people are the ones who are kept longer and that’s the best indicator if someone is good ruler and that the most of the population in country are pleased with his rulership. Of course, there are always some who aren’t satisfied. That’s the reason why the presidents are kept safe from that kind of people and the secret services are in charged for their safety.

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