The exchange of energy

Have you ever heard of energy exchange?

Astrologers often use this expression, although their clients and followers know nothing about it. Namely, we all have challenging aspects or planets in our natal charts at a specific position that can cause bad things.

Astrologers can advise you on how to prevent or alleviate harmful effects. Sometimes the advice may sound funny at first. A friend of mine was happy to learn about this subject and challenged me. She asked me to tell her how to exchange her bad energy.

She is ambitious, and her Mars is badly placed at 24 degrees Leo in the 10th house. It could mean her chief, director, or some other influential person (chief-Leo) harboured some anger (Mars). She made a mistake (24 degrees Pisces – mistake), so they didn’t trust her or feared her betrayal (Pisces-betrayal).

She confirmed having trouble communicating with influential people and asked for advice on improving it.

“Next time, do not wait for your chief to tell you what to do, be the one who asks how you can help them.”

Why this question? Pisces and Neptune represent all kinds of help in astrology. My friend’s Mars (action) is laid out at 24 degrees (degree of Pisces – service, something voluntary) in Leo in the 10th house (help that she offers to her chief or director).

 “You are right. Every time I offered to help my chief, he was thrilled because of my care and helpfulness. Thanks for the advice.”

Each planet has its symbolism. I often analyze natal charts with powerful planetary placements in horoscopes, but only some have achieved their full potential. Why is this happening? Why do we waste good aspects on the wrong things? For example, the same friend has the planet Venus in Sagittarius in the 2nd house. Astrologically speaking, it means big money wins, but it was not so in her case. It happens because she wastes her potential wrongly.

Venus represents money and food, so she uses her planet (food) in Sagittarius (getting fat, expanding) for overeating, causing a weight issue. In short, her financial status will improve once she starts taking care of her diet. From then on, she will only attract money in her life.

The biggest challenge in the chart for every astrologer is Saturn in Capricorn. The house where they are placed is where the problems arise. For example, if someone’s 4th house (home, property, family) is in Capricorn, it could mean problems with family, destructive family relationships, poverty, property loss, etc.

If they exchanged energy, they could move mountains. The same placement would be different if the person lived in the hills (Capricorn), furnished the house (Capricorn) in rustic style, had something made of stone built in the home (stone-Capricorn), or placed elephant (Capricorn) figurines all over the house. Harmful energy levels would significantly decrease.

There are numerous examples. Depending on your goal, your astrologer can advise you on what to do. I sometimes fear that people can think superficially of my advice or consider them foolish. But they are not so. My purpose is to give advice, and it’s up to you whether you will act upon it.

Another example is a person with Mars in the 7th house. It points to quarrels between the natus and their partner. How can we change that?   Exercising together at the gym is one idea. Making jokes and laughing (Mars) could replace negative energy.

I also had a few cases when I used energy transfer to improve their health. I once advised a mother of an autistic boy to go to a toy store to buy him a special toy to improve his health.

I hope you understood the meaning of the text.

Astrology can help us move forward if we urgently do something about our situation. Nothing will happen if you sit, not changing anything in your life.

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Your astrologer,

Ana Raković

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