How a Russian woman Anna Sorokin (Delvey) fooled the american elite?

Netflix’s true-crime series Inventing Anna tells the wild true story of fraudster Anna Delvey who used a fake identity. Many want to live the American dream, eat out in fancy New York restaurants, wear designer clothes, fly in private jets and drink a martini at penthouse apartments with the American elite. Anna Sorokin, who posed as Anna Delvey, lived the dream. She pretended to be a German heiress, but it was all a well-planned scheme. Anna Sorokin was born in Russia and moved to Germany in her teens. After finishing school, she stayed in London and Paris before coming to New York in 2013, where she carried out some unbelievable scams.

She lived in luxury hotels with 400 hundred $ rooms per night. As she tipped lavishly, the staff was too eager to serve her. She drank the most expensive champagne and wine daily, attended parties at Hollywood stars’, and took her friends on private jet trips. She was popular among elite New Yorkers, who invited her to parties to show that she was welcome and often paid her bills. Initially, none of her friends doubted anything when she asked them to pay her taxi fare or plane ticket with their credit cards. She explained how complicated it was to transfer money from Europe and that she inherited her fortune from her father, a diplomat in the oil business. In reality, he was a former truck driver. Anna forged her bank statements and submitted fake invoices about bank transfers to trick her victims. She even got a bank loan of 74000 pounds to pay the old bills to the hotels where she lived.

Anna Delvey, 23.1.1991, 9.52 AM, Domededovo, Russia

Pisces represent persons who use fake identities or frauds. Her Ascendant is in this sign, so we start from Pisces to determine the time of her birth, as it is not a known fact. Pisces Ascendant describes a person of Russian nationality (Pisces).   The Ascendant determines our moves, what attracts us and where it can lead us. Pisces Ascendant justifies that Anna Sorokin spent the most time in hotels that Pisces represent. She moved to an overseas country, which Pisces represent in astrology. She had drug issues and was in a drug rehab centre, which Pisces symbolizes. Neptune, the ruling planet of her Ascendant, describes her personality. It is at 14 degrees – the degree of Taurus (wealth, money) and explains why Anna pretended to be a well-off woman. Neptune, the planet of frauds at the degree of Taurus (money, banks), signifies that she got skilled at forging statements to get money.

Ascendant in Pisces (prisons, closed institutions) points to the fact that she was imprisoned, got out but was arrested again by migrant customs (Pisces). Neptune, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is positioned in Capricorn, explaining why Anna Sorokin was arrogant and critical of everything not worthy of herself. She did not make much effort to be liked by others which explains why they fell for her.

Neptune is in conjunction with Uranus, which describes Anne’s brilliant mind and original ideas, and the friends Anna befriended. Mercury is also in conjunction with Neptune (name), so it was not surprising that she decided to change her name and falsely present herself. Likewise, this Mercury will influence the writing of her life story waiting to be published, and it will surely be a best-seller.

Anin crtež sa suđenja

Anna was born in Aquarius. People in Aquarius are different from others and have difficulty fitting in or making a deep bond, so it was easy for her to leave home and go abroad. The Sun (success) is laid out in the 12th house (the house of frauds, which again shows what Anna was best at. The same planet in the 12th house indicates that her father (the Sun) disowned her after learning of his daughter’s scams. The accuracy confirmation of the natal chart is the fact that her father owned a firm that dealt with truck transport. The position of her 4th house (father) in Gemini (transport) and Mercury, the ruling planet of the house in Capricorn (trucks), also confirm this accuracy. And when skilled astrologists compare other facts from her life, we will see how everything fits in.

The date of her arrest is also interesting when we compare it with Anne’s chart. We can see Neptune (capture, prison) that transited over her Ascendant, which is why, just before she got arrested, she had more and more problems arousing other people’s suspicion. On the day of her arrest, transiting Moon, which points unmistakably to daily events, was going over Anne’s ruling planet of her Ascendant.

And, what about this coincidence: in the TV show, the increasingly popular Julia Garner played Anne Delvey. Julia was also born in Aquarius, making her perfect for the role of the cold, intelligent and ingenious character as was Anne Delvey.

Julia was born with Ascendant in Sagittarius, so she played a foreigner (Sagittarius) who came to the USA (Sagittarius). Jupiter, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is laid out in Scorpio (benefit) in the 11th house (friends), with depositor Pluto in the 12th house (frauds, prison).

After serving a four- year sentence, Anne managed to repay her debts earning $320.000 from royalties from Netflix. She was arrested again for overstaying her visa.  In October, 2022, she was released from an upstate jail with hopes of fighting deportation.

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