Causescu – The end of the dictator

In December 1989, Romania experienced the bloody revolution that marked the end of one the most repressive communist regimes and Nicolae Ceausescu, most probably one of the cruellest dictators in Europe.

There were other rulers at the time who behaved as dictators. Stalin deported millions of people to Siberia, political dissidents and ideological traitors in Yugoslavia ended up on Goli Island (prison island), and Ceausescu applied similarly cruel methods. On December 25th, 1989, at Catholic Christmas, the antigovernment demonstrators caught Ceausescu and his wife, and the military court swiftly sentenced them to death for their crimes. They were shot by the firing squad, which marked the end of their many-decade dictatorship.

Ceausescu was not the only ruler who got killed. Caesar, Olof Palme, Indira Gandhi, J.F.Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Aleksandar Karađorđević, and Aleksandar Obrenovic all had the same fate. Their birth charts point to their killers. Many rulers lose touch with reality. Most of them choose staff that never confront them or report lies about the situation in the country. Rulers hardly ever hear of the growing dissatisfaction among people. Milos Obrenovic was a wise ruler because he was aware of how his subjects felt. People make the country, not the ruler or the president. The Moon’s position in the natal chart of a president, king or ruler can indicate what their people think of them.

The natal chart of Ceausescu shows high intelligence as he was born in Aquarius with Gemini Ascendant. Represented by Aquarius, Communism was very popular in the 20th century because it advocated the same possibilities for everyone, which matches the principles of Aquarius. So, if Ceausescu was so bright, what went wrong?

Firstly, in his chart, the Sun, the power planet, opposes Saturn, which portends a sudden end of rulership. Saturn, the ruling planet of his 8th house (the house of death), points to a sudden and violent end of his leadership. An unfavourable aspect can bring long leadership but an abrupt end. Secondly, Mercury, the ruling planet of his Ascendant, is laid out in Capricorn’s 8th house (the house of death) at 23 degrees (the most military degree), causing such a tragic death. I should note that the soldiers shot him. It was the doing of Capricorn’s 23rd degree; according to some astrologers, Mars may be exalted at this degree and not at 28 degrees, as is believed.

Lastly, he has Pluto (death) in Cancer in his 1st house, indicating that his subjects will give a verdict one day. The Moon (the people) in Scorpio (end) proves this, as the 4th house (the house of Cancer – people) at 22 degrees (to kill, be killed). Everything in his natal chart indicated violent death. What else could a dictator, who enjoyed luxury, expect while his people suffered?

People with exalted Capricorn, the sign of Ceausescu’s Ascendant, can express their difficult temperament and sadistic tendencies. Capricorn indicates economic austerity measures that Ceausescu imposed upon the Romanian people. The harmful influence of his wife is also apparent. She played a significant part in setting a perspective devoid of reality. Jupiter, the ruling planet of the 7th house, which describes the wife, is laid out in the 12th house (mistake, illusion), indicating that she had exaggerated positive perceptions, not allowing her husband to be more insightful of how the Romanians lived. His 7th house describing his wife is laid out at 20 degrees (the degree of Scorpio-murder), and she was also killed during the last day of the revolution, on December 25th, 1989. (Romania celebrates Orthodox Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar).

The 10th house (career and rulership) starts in Aquarius at 22 degrees (indicating his execution), which also suggests the revolution and his violent death. After the bloody Christmas, nothing will be the same in Romania, or so it seems to us. The palaces and gold tiles are still where they used to be as well as concerned citizens whose lives are not as satisfactory as they hoped.

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