Bear Grylls – the master of survival in the wild

If someone could manage to survive in the wildness, miles away from any settlement – that is for sure Bear Grylls. You probably remember him by specific adventuristic tv shows where he manages in various conditions, adapts and tells to the crowd what is the way he thinks in those situations and how he provides food and water. Everybody could learn something useful from his tv shows. Those advices could be a life-saving in extraordinary situations. You never know if any of this is going to need you some day. And you could never have to much of knowledge.
The specific thing for Bear Grylls is the fact he many times faced extremely dangerous life situations, just seconds away from death. Haven`t you curious to find out how does the chart look like for the person who risks everything and walks on the edge on purpose?

Bear Grylls was born in the sign of Gemini, with the Ascendant in Scorpio. The sign he was born in gives him movement, travels, intelligence, gift to write and to tell stories, which he often uses in his tv shows. ‘

The Ascendant in Scorpio brings up his extraordinary courage and willing to risk. Maybe sometimes bit too much. He has no obstacles and simply craves for adrenalin. The sign of Scorpio represents possibility to transform, heal and ricing up after falling down. Not many has those capabilities.

Bear Grylls has one more specific in his natal chart. His Ascendant is on the 12 th degree of Scorpio, only 1 degree away from exaltation of Uranus – planet of adrenalin, challenge, but also the planet which indicates to flying, airplanes, helicopters and parachute. So, it not a strange he took a jump from a airplane and land with parachute. One time the parachute failed to open, so he fell from the hight of 5.000 meters and broke his spine. Doctors prognosed that he is going to be disabled for the
rest of his life, but just 2 years after the fall he climbed the Mont Everest!

Beside having the Ascendant in Scorpio, his Sun is in the 8 th house (natural house of Scorpio), whichmultiplies his tendency to take risks, but also multiplies his possibility to transform. The Sun, whichdescribes the spine is in 8 th house – house of operations – that is what helped Bear to get back on hisfeet: spine operation.
The sign of Scorpio has two rulers – Pluto and Mars, so their positions are going to tell us moreabout Bear`s character and determinations.

The first ruler – Pluto is placed in 11 th house in the sign of Libra, which gives him desire to find out something new and different, but also gives him contacts with aviation (Aquarius – 11 th house is natural house of Aquarius). The second ruler- Mars is in the 9 th house in Cancer. That energy of Mars gave him a chance to participate in special military unit, The 21 Special Air Service Regiment – 21 SAS(R), where he learned some of the survival techniques. Mars gave him a need to train, so Bear goes to the gym almost daily, so he is always in excellent body shape for new adventures. It is a well- known fact that he has a second dan black belt in Shotokan karate. The 9 th house, as natural house of Sagittarius in astrology describes foreign countries, but also video production and television – the 9 th house gave him lots of traveling during his lifetime, but also tv shows and success with television and production. Mars dispositor is the Moon in Capricorn (Capricorn – bear) almost at the top of the 3 rd house (name, nickname). He got his nickname when he was only one month old baby and it has
been given by his sister (3 rd house). Just to mention, his real name is Edvard Michael Grylls.

Dispositor of the Ascendant ruler, the Moon in the Capricorn gave him a trip to Serbia in 2021 (in astrology, Serbia is described with Capricorn). During the shooting, he has been on the Old (Capricorn) mountain (Capricorn). Those who met him were saying that he is really simple and hamble man and that kind of persons are the most successful in the world. We will never know have Bear Grylls just spin the globe and pocked on Serbia with his finger or he decided to come to explore Balkans because he is a fan of Novak Djoković. One thing is certain – that was incredible show.

Never the less, with natal chart so risky (the Ascendant ruler in Scorpion, Sun in the 8 th house), Bear`s head is always in danger and the question is where is his death waiting for him. One step will be lethal, just like the crocodile hunter – Steve Ervin made lethal mistake and got to close to the stingray which gave him the fatal blow into the heart.

Do you think you would be able to even half of things Bear Grylls shows in his tv shows? Would you be able to eat worms, frogs or snakes? Would you be able to survive in the middle of the forest, surrounded by bears? And are you willing to take all this just to survive? Maybe we will never find out answers to these questions, but it is natural for all of us to show extreme durability when its about personal survive. That the force major.

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