Derivative houses

If you have ever been to an astrologer, you may have asked about your family (father, mother, or siblings and you may have got some answers, although they had no insights into your family members’ natal charts. Did you wonder how that was possible?

This text is not different from many others on the same topic, but its purpose is to show you the power of astrology and make it easier to learn about the questions that you may ask about your natal chart.

The planetary chart of the moment of your birth indicates your surroundings, including people. There are 12 equal houses or sections. The first house represents the person whose natal chart we read, but other houses also relate to something or someone. For example:

The 1st house tells about the person whose chart we read.

The 2nd house describes how we make money and what we spend it on.

The 3rd house focuses on our intellect, how we express ourselves, short trips, neighbours, siblings and relatives. If we have more siblings, this house tells about them all in general, but it gives more details about the eldest sibling. Then, every other section describes the next sibling according to seniority (the 5th house – second brother, the 7th house – the 3rd brother, the 9th house – the 4th brother).

The 4th house relates to our home, family and origins. In a female horoscope, it represents the father and in a male’s the mother (this can change, though).

The 5th house centers on our love affairs and the first child. The 7th house describes the 2nd child, and the 9th house depicts the 3rd child in our natal chart, etc.

The 6th house deals with our workplace and colleagues.

The 7th house describes our spouse, and every other section describes the next spouse (the 9th house – the second spouse, the 11th house – the 3rd spouse, the 1st house – the 4th spouse).

The 8th house is the house of inheritance, bank credits, and deadly situations.

The 9th house centers on higher education and foreign countries.

The 10th house is about career.

The 11th house tells about friends.

The 12th house tells about out secret and diseases.

Which house describes our friend’s spouse?

That is our 5th house, the 7th house (spouse) counting from our 11th house (friends).

Which house represents our friend’s child?

That is our 3rd house, the 5th house (child) counting from our 11th house (friends). Reading that house, one can see the child’s personality, interests, and what they should be encouraged to pursue.

If your friend complains of bad relations with neighbours, which house will you check? That will be the 1st house, the 3rd house (neighbours) from our 11th house (friends).

There are countless variations.

How can we see your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s relatives in the natal chart? In that case, we check the 5th house of that person, as it is the natural house of our emotional partners and count three sections from there. That is the 7th section describing your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s relatives.

What does this tell you?

We never meet people in life by accident. There is always a reason why lunatics, eccentrics, optimists, pessimists, opportunists, idealists, or realists are present in our lives. Their characters are somewhere in our charts and recorded in time. There is no coincidence; we encounter people for a reason, as there is also a good reason why you have read this text until the end. You can ask your astrologer to answer some of your personal questions. If you choose me, it will be my pleasure.



Ana Raković

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