Many of us are having problems and trying to find solutions in the legal way. Lawsuit, lawyers, trials are just the ways for reaching goals. People have different reasons to seek for the justice. Mostly its about divorces, but there are also inheritance, properties, some kind of damage compensation or simply need to find justice. Somebody is going to reach its goal, some of them will have to pay compensation for the damage, but some of them regret for even started the lawsuit because of long time trial and the fact nothing is worth of health lost due to worry over the process and final outcome of the trial.

Astrology is able to give you an answer are you going to be a winner in the litigation, when is this going to happen and how long you will have to wait for the justice satisfaction. An astrologist could give you some advices which could be very useful. Every natal chart has a unique story and nothing could be told without having serious analyse of the chart.

Couple years ago, newspapers have been crowded with news about the amount of alimony Silvio Berlusconi`s ex-wife gained from her ex-husband. The amount of 1.5 millions euros per month was quiet shocking for everyone.

How can we see this fact in her natal chart?

She was born in the sign of Cancer, and the Ascendant in the Capricorn. When someone is born in the Ascendant in this sign and over that has the Ascendant ruler Saturn in the 10th house (house of the carrier) – all of this indicates how important was for Veronica Lario to have powerful and high-positioned husband. The sign of Capricorn and the planet Saturn also indicate that he might be much older than her.

Veronica Lario born 19.7.1956, 19:05, in Bologna, Italy


When we take a look into her 7th house (the house which describes Silvio Berlusconi), we can see it starts in the sign of Cancer and the Moon is on the 22nd degree (degree of Capricorn) – every thing is pointing out that her husband is older than her (20 years older). In the 7th house there are placed four more planets: the Sun (her husband is an influential person), Mercury (intelligent, communicative) and Uranus which tell us her husband is divorced (Silvio had one marriage before Veronica), but also that her marriage could be ended by divorce. At the end of the 7th house is placed planet Pluto which brings some kind of compensation, inheritance or an alimony from her husband. Also, this Pluto is in conjunction with Jupiter (money) on the 2nd degree (lots of money) on the top of her 8th house – house of alimony.

But, let`s go back to the beginning: the ruler of her 7th house is the Moon in the Sagittarius (wealth, trial) and its dispositor is Jupiter on the top of the 8th house in conjunction with Pluto – all that together is pointing at huge incomes from the alimony. For example, Bill Gates in his natal chart has these two planets in his 2nd house because he was the one who created and earned all that money.

And why the marriage ended with divorce?

Veronica Lario said she had enough of lies and she can not babysits her husband nor to stop him humiliate her any more (regarding bunga-bunga parties and paying prostitutes – Silvio all denied). But what his natal chart has to say about that? Is this something he would do? Was he paying ladies for certain favours?

First of all, there is a reason why Veronica felt cheated by her husband: the ruler of her 7th house – the Moon is placed on the top of her 12th house (lies, scams and secrets).

And now let have a look on Silvio`s natal chart.

Silvio Berlusconi born 29.9.1936, 6:30 AM, Milan, Italy


Silvio was born as double Libra and that brought his great popularity with the opposite sex. His charm is irresistible and if we add the facts he is successful and rich – it`s so logical there will always be some lady interested to seduce him. Because of the sign and the Ascendant, it`s for sure he always has been accompanied by beautiful women. The Sun on the Ascendant brought him huge popularity, but also business success. Also, we can not forget there is also the Mercury on the Ascendant which gave him youthfulness and in elder days contacts with much younger women than himself.

And where is the Venus, the ruler of his Ascendant?

It is placed in Scorpio, on the 0 degree – the sign which refers to women of easy morals or, better to say, about ladies (Venus) who get paid for their services (sex – Scorpio). Venus is positioned almost on the top of the 2nd house (money), so this clearly shows us that Silvio was prone to pay for sex.

But that`s not all.

We have to take a look into his 5th house. This house represents persons who like us, who offer us their love, but also the kind of persons we could fall in love. The 5th house of Silvio Berlusconi starts in the sign of Aquarius (constantly new girls and new contacts) and its ruler Uranus is on 8th degree (degree of the Scorpio – prostitutes) in the sign of Taurus (for the money) in his 8th house (sex).

After knowing all these facts, it is clear why his 2nd marriage ended like this. Here we also can add statistical fact that almost 90% marriages ends up with divorce if the relationship started while one of the partners was in another relationship (Silvio has been married when started relationship with Veronica).

By talking to the astrologist, you can find out answers to questions like Am I going to win the trial or Is my husband going to take away child from me or I`m having real estate trial – what is going to happened? It is important to be familiar with the answers you could get and to know what you could ask your astrologist. Don`t take astrology for granted – it surly is not a kind of fun activity.

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