How to use astrological knowledge?

People have always been looking up in the sky trying to find out secrets of life and the stars often had some note for the humans. It has been discovered a couple thousands years ago and since than the reading of the star manuscripts have been improved, just every other science. But still, astrology haven`t been authorized as a science although many are using astrological skills to improve their life.

Those who once open the door of Astro world, they are staying on this of the sky forever. Once you discover how much astrology can improve your life, it becomes every day need, a routine. This also discovered former US president Ronald Reagan who haven`t keep in secret that for some important events he consulted a woman astrologist from San Francisco to make sure the planets are in good transits and positions for realization of these major happenings. Literally, nothing could not be approved by the president if it haven`t been approved by his astrologist.

In the meeting on the date 08.12.1987. of Ronald Reagan and Michael Gorbachov, the participants were about to sign historical agreement about cancelation of medium-range nuclear missiles and behind both of the leaders have been standing war tacticians, but in the shadow there were the best and the most kept in secret KGB`s agents and Californian astrologist.

How much have she really helped Ronald Reagan?

Ronald Reagan, born 6.2.1911, 4:16 AM, in Tampico, IL, US

If we take a look into the president`s natal chart, we will find out that he was born is the sign of Aquarius, the sign that represents astrology. Considering his Sun (planet of the success) is in the sign of Aquarius (astrology) that means that his success is made by this star science. Besides, Mercury (talking, consulting) is in the conjunction with Uranus (astrologist), so it`s not strange that the president asked for help from astrology.

But, he wasn`t the only one. American history noted that the help of the astrologists have been asked by five presidents  who were born in the sign of Scorpio (John Adams, James Polk, James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt and Warren Harding) and five presidents who were born in the sign of Aquarius (William Henry Harrison, William McKinley, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan). You must be asking yourself why are only the Scorpios and Aquarius are interested in astrology. Explanation: The sign of Aquarius is the one which represents astrology and its ruler, Uranus (the planet of the future) is exalted (has strongest power) in the sign of Scorpio.

Before the start of the invasion or bombing some country, astrologists sets the timing which is the best for the beginning of military operation. All is calculated in precision of a minute, so possibility to make a mistake is minimal. That`s common practise in the USA.

Terms like Capitol, Senate, Senators, Consulate, Governor, Congress are matched to USA, but also for the Roman Empire, so we can say that the capitol of the Roman Empire have been moved to the West, to the Washington DC. Even the statue on the top of the well known Capitol Hill have been made in Rome. Coincidence? No. Or is it coincidence that Romans believed in roman gods as Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and the supreme god Jupiter? The Jupiter is the ruler planet of the USA zodiac sign. The planet which indicates to the prosperity, ambition, army, expansion and the whole world. With the blessing of the Jupiter, nothing is impossible. You just need to have a patience to feel its benefits or to wait for Jupiter`s transit through some certain house to activate all the good things.

At this point I have to underline that astrology works perfectly for those who are always in action, but if you just sit and wait for a message or call or something just to fall from the sky directly into your arms – than you are at the wrong address. You will lose your precious time for nothing.

If you still don’t believe in this science, I suggest to explore, experiment with it. Check how this science is functioning on some minor events or minor business. Give it a chance.

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