The past has been marked by numerous events that have changed the world. Some data have been lost or recorded throughout history, but there is still enough to teach us something new. To gain more experience and be able to predict the future more accurately, an astrologer must research thousands of charts of past events. Natal charts of every person, country or event are a real treasure for every astrologer.

After a well-known event from WW2, nothing has been the same. To this day, the world commemorates the day when Hiroshima was attacked with the first atomic bomb in human history. We all know the devastating consequences of nuclear weapons, and there is no movie about apocalypses from the future that does not mention the world destroyed by atomic war. Aquarius and Uranus represent this weapon of the future in astrology. Japan was established in the sign of Aquarius (in the genetic horoscope, Japan is Virgo – Scorpio).

First, we will read the chart of the moment when the atomic bomb was dropped.

What can we see in the chart? The Ascendant of the moment was Virgo, the sign representing Japan in the genetic horoscope. Mercury, the ruler of Ascendant in the 12th house, indicates that they didn’t know what awaited them.

Where is Uranus – the planet representing the bomb? It is at the top of the 10th house, which means that the bomb will be known all over the world (the 10th house –fame) and that it will do its job well. The Moon (the planet that describes the people of a country) indicates how detrimental the bomb will be to public health and what catastrophe it will wreak. We can also see the Moon in Cancer (the charts of many world accidents have the Moon in Cancer) in conjunction with Saturn at the unfavourable 18th degree predicting the long-term consequences and a massive death toll at the moment of the attack. Finally, look at Mars, the planet of war, at 9 degrees Gemini, in conjunction with Uranus, an unmistakable sign of enemy retaliation by bombing.

Now, we can compare the horoscope of the moment of the bomb dropping with Japan’s chart.

The Ascendant of Japan is in the 9th house in Gemini, and Mars was at that degree on the day of the bombing. Uranus is in the 1st house, which indicates that the atomic bombing was planned for months. We can also see the Sun in Japan’s chart. It rules the 4th house (the people) at 22 degrees (deadly danger) Aquarius (atomic bomb), which means the Japan can lose a significant number of people (for example, this can mean that earthquakes can cause significant damage).

The main predictor for a natus or country is often the solar horoscope, i.e. an annual horoscope which unerringly predicts future events. The last warning for Japan was Uranus (the bomb) at 9 degrees Capricorn, the degree of Japan’s Ascendant. Why is Ascendant important? In a personal chart, it represents the self, body, and behaviour, and the reading of every natal chart starts from Ascendant. In mundane astrology, which deals with national charts of countries, astrologers first check the Ascendant as it represents the country, its aspirations, and its authenticity.

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