There is no such a thing like coincidence – The world greatest airplane disasters

Do you know which airplane disaster had the most victims of far? That was the one happened in Tenerife, Spain on 27.03.1977. when two giants collided od the runway, two Boings 747, one belonged to KLM and another to Pan American.

Neither one of them was not suppose to be on the airport that day – when it rains, it pours.

Pan Am`s airplane arrived from Los Angeles over New York, and Holland KLM came from Amsterdam. Both headed to Grand Canary, the other Canary Island. At that time, the other airport suffered bomb terroristic attack, so all flights have been redirected to Tenerife.

What happened at the airport?

Pan Am`s plane have been ready to take off, but in front off it was KLM`s plane which should be refuel. While the plane has been refuel, very dense fog covered the airport – the second mishap in a row.

Bad weather meant that one airplane couldn’t see another and neither one of them has been visible for the airport control tower. Evil never comes alone – this airport had no radar to scan airplanes while they are on the ground.

One mistake lead to another and the disaster has been inevitable in that moment when KLM started its take off because they thought it had been approved by control tower – and it haven’t been. KLM collided Pan Am`s plane with its bottom, flipped over and set on fire like a torch because it has been loaded with fuel. No one survived from KLM`s plane. On the other side, only 61 persons survived, included the pilot and co-pilot. Total: 538 people died.

Has the chart of that event been pointing out on the disaster?

The chart of event is interpreted the same way as for a person. It begins from the Ascendant.

In this chart the Ascendant is on the 8th degree of Virgo. This degree, degree of Scorpio points out at the possibility that something bad is going to happen, something catastrophic. Mercury , the ruler of Ascendant is placed on ominous 18th degree in 8th house (natural house of Scorpio) which represents the same – danger with lethal outcome. Mercury is in the sign of Aries (fire, flame) – that’s why this disaster had huge fire. In sign of Aries in 8th house – house of death – were placed also the Sun and the Venus, which only enchased possibility for lethal outcome. Mercury`s dispositor in Aries is Mars and it was in the sign of Pisces, the sign which represents fuel, but also the fog which suddenly appeared. Mars is on the top of the 7th house -the other airplane which have been on the runway and haven’t been possible to see because of the fog. The collision was inevitable.

And what points out on a mistake?

If we take a look at the 12th house (house of mistakes and omissions), we can see it begins in the sign of Leo, the sign which refers to the captain and this indicates this was mostly his fault.

And what in this natal chart points out on an airplane?

Airplanes are represented by Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, and in this chart Uranus is one the 11th degree of Scorpio (degree of its exaltation), but in square (bad aspect) with Saturn (grounding, problem, fall) and it lead to disaster of this scale.

Now you are surly wondering have this disaster been possible to see in the natal charts of the air planes passengers? Yes, you can bet it was.

If I tell you that both of captains in their horoscopes had Mercury (ride) in square with Mars (collide, accident) in almost exact aspects and both of them had Mars (collision) in square with Neptune (fog, mistake), then we can make a conclusion that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

This disaster changed everything. There have been grounded new regulations which are active even today and English language (Holland captain had poor knowledge) have became mandatory for all airplane captains all over the world.

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