James Cameron – A magician who makes movies

Nowadays, making videos is a common thing. Anyone can make a short video and become famous. It takes original ideas and a bit of daringness to play and gain many followers on social media. All smartphones have a feature that enables making videos, including editing them. While doing these things, you may not be aware that you start thinking like a director or a screenwriter.

Sagittarius represents anything related to film production. These include video clips, YouTube, podcasts and TV, and jobs such as producer, screenwriter, director and cameraman.

Working with some directors is a sign of prestige in the movie world, and when you read an announcement for an upcoming movie, you can anticipate what kind of film it will be. Two names are awe-inspiring, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron. The latter is the director with the highest earnings and two movies which won the most Oscars so he may be the winner.

He is famous for making interesting movies such as Terminator, Alien, Piranha, Solaris, Rambo II, Escape    from New York, Titanic and Avatar.

Almost all his movies are science-fiction. If we can translate his them into astrology language, it would go like this:

Terminator is a story about a robot from the future, which is symbolic of Aquarius.

Alien is a story about an unknown creature, a monster which human expedition finds by accident somewhere in cosmos. Pisces represents cosmos and extraterrestrial creatures, and because Pluto (monster) is exalted in this sign, the film has been a block-buster watched by every generation.

Pisces also describes Piranha and Titanic, Aquarius represents science-fiction movies Escape from New York, Solaris and Avatar (3D movie – something new and artificial), and Rambo is characteristic of Aries.

 James Cameron was born with Aquarius Ascendant, which continuously motivates him to make new films whenever he has a novel idea. Uranus, the ruling planet of his Ascendant, is in conjunction with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, responsible for achievements in the movie industry.

James Cameron, born 16.8.1954, 6:55 PM, Kapuskasing, Canada

Uranus and Jupiter are placed in the 6th house – the section of Virgo which makes Cameron a perfectionist and very demanding; he sometimes yells at actors (Aquarius –noise, clamour).

Uranus, the ruler of Ascendant, is placed in the sign of Cancer, giving him emotions and vulnerability that he hides well. During the shooting of Avatar 2, when he ran out of ideas, he said: “I’m crying. I sit at my table and cry all day. There’s too much pressure, man.”  As his ruler of Ascendant is laid out in Cancer (tears) and the dispositor Moon is placed in the 1st house, it’s no wonder James Cameron cries when he is concerned and anxious (the Moon, Cancer)

Interestingly, he has Pisces in his 1st house, which describes self and interests, so this sign inspired some of his movies. The sign of Pisces indicates that a person may be artistic, and James Cameron is also a good painter. He painted a nude Kate Winslet in Titanic. The 10th house that describes our most significant achievement is Sagittarius – the sign that tells about his successful film director career. This sign has brought him world success and rewards.

Today, he is preparing to shoot the sequel to Avatar while enjoying his 5th marriage with his wife, a former model. They started producing food and bought property to use for their enterprise. Our 3rd derivative section describes the 5th marriage; his house begins in Taurus – agriculture, food, and Venus is placed in Virgo – beauty; his wife was a model.

Cameron has recently bought a vineyard to produce wine; that’s his idea as the ruler of his Ascendant is in Cancer (wine, vineyards) and the Moon in the 1st house supports the whole story.

Now I must compare this story with Bill Gates, who is buying more and more land all over the USA, so I suspect they know something we do not.

Besides, James Cameron recently moved to New Zealand, where he bought several properties and land to cultivate it. New Zealand is the country with the most house bunkers that the super-rich are buying.

Maybe James Cameron moved there to wait for his “doomsday”, like his characters from Terminator. I will let you think about what may be true.

Whatever happens, you hold a magic wand and have the power to direct your life the way you want to. If you need an astrologer to encourage you or show you the best way forward, contact me and make an appointment for your birth chart reading.

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