Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were the most famous artistic couple in Latin America and worldwide. They became famous for their art and tempestuous and controversial love, which is a much-discussed topic today. Their passion was extraordinary and out-of-time, but not devoid of sadness, pain, betrayal, jealousy, and hysterical outbursts. Frida once said: “I have had two great misfortunes in life: a traffic accident and meeting Diego. He was the bigger one.”

As a child, Frida contracted polio, which caused her right leg and foot to grow thinner than her left one. At 18, she had an accident while riding a bus with her boyfriend. Her back, leg, and uterus sustained life-threatening injuries, but she won this battle like all the others. However, her willpower and noble struggle were not enough to bring recovery. Her back injuries were such that she underwent 32 operations, spending the rest of her life wearing a metal corset that kept her body from decaying.

How can we see in Frida’s chart that she had to take care of her health all her life and that she had an accident with her boyfriend?

Frida Kahlo was born 6.7.1907, 8.30 AM, Coyoacan, MEXICO

She was born in Cancer with Leo ascendant. The Sun, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is in conjunction with Neptune (disease, worry for health), which indicates that she will spend a lot of time in hospitals (Neptune) or that she will be tied to home and bed (Cancer). Neptune, in conjunction with the Sun (the ruler of Ascendant – Frida herself), is the ruler of the 8th house (the house of Scorpio-surgery), which is why she survived so many operations. Nonetheless, she suffered excruciating pain all her life, and because of the natal Sun and Neptune’s opposition to Mars and Uranus, the procedures didn’t help much.

The 5th house and its ruling planet speak of the course of our love affair. Frida’s 5th house is in Sagittarius, the sign representing the bus in astrology. What points to danger during a bus ride? Jupiter, the ruling planet of the 5th house, is at 20 degrees Scorpio (lethal threat). Mercury (traffic) in the 12th house speaks of traffic accidents, but so does Venus (love) in conjunction with Pluto (deadly danger) in Gemini (during travel, in the traffic).

The accident changed her life plans, so she had to become an artist that lives off her work. That brought her to Diego Rivera, a well-renowned painter, to ask for his advice. How can we see in her chart that she is an artist and has to earn money by painting? 

The Sun, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is in conjunction with Neptune, the planet representing painting and art, which brought her talent for art. Her Leo (mirror) Ascendant speaks of self-portraits as we see ourselves in the mirror. That is precisely the reason why she chose this painting style.

Her 2nd house (finances) in Virgo speaks that she will make money from her art. Mercury, its ruling planet, is positioned in the 12th house – the house of painting.

The 7th house, the house of marriage, represents Diego. It starts in Aquarius (divorce), which speaks that her husband was divorced but that her marriage will also be in question. When Aquarius is at the top of the 7th house, it may indicate a significant age difference (7 and more), and Diego was 20 years her senior. Uranus, the ruling planet of the 7th house, which describes her husband, is laid out in the 5th house, the house of love. It was a love match for her. Uranus is in Capricorn (Capricorn-elephant), explaining why they were later dubbed “the elephant and the dove”. Uranus is in conjunction with Mars (the planet of argument but also passion), so their marriage was full of anger, passionate hugs, and break-ups – Uranus.

In a female horoscope, besides the 7th house, the house of marriage, the husband is also described by the Sun. And here we find something they have in common. The Sun is in conjunction with Neptune, meaning they are both painters. Neptune is the planet of secrets, betrayals, and insincerity; so many infidelities marked their marriage.

Uranus (Diego) is in opposition with the Sun (Frida), so they argued a lot, but, due to this opposition, she could not leave him. Capricorn indicates continuous coming back and reliving all bad things again and again. Bad karma and the accident through Saturn in the 8th house (the house of pregnancy) caused miscarriages which, besides her unfaithful husband and the accident, profoundly impacted her.

Her deteriorating condition disheartened Frida, and she took to drinking and opiates -the Sun in Cancer (alcohol) in conjunction with Neptune (opiates).

Finally, her leg was amputated, which points to Venus, the ruling planet of the 3rd house (extremities), in conjunction with Pluto (surgery, amputation).

Her wish was to be cremated, which we read in her 4th house (end of life, burial place) in Scorpio (ashes).

Diego was in deep grieving after her death. He even ordered his ashes to be mixed with Frida’s, which ended the question of whether he loved her.

Each life story is unique. Some suffer more, some less. But, one should make the most of what destiny has in store for us and play the role the best we can. After all, we are just a tiny piece of the universe with only one chance to leave a mark.

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