During WW2, Nikola Tesla was an advisor to the American Navy, working on improving the ship that could be invisible to the enemy radar. Suddenly, he left the job upon hearing that the experiment would involve humans. He was appalled and even tried to sabotage the whole project as he deemed it too dangerous. Ten months later, he was found dead in his hotel room, and all his notes, schemes and projects disappeared.

In 1943, after a few trials, the American Navy carried out the project The Rainbow on October 28, at 17.15. Its mentor was Albert Einstein, a distinguished scientist.

The Philadelphia Experiment – Full Documentary – History’s Mysteries – YouTube

The USS destroyer escort Eldridge (DE -173) first disappeared, then teleported to Norfolk for several minutes only to reappear in the Philadelphia yard. The eyewitnesses claimed that the ship was barely visible during the first seconds, and then it vanished altogether.

 What happened to the crew after the experiment that Nikola Tesla had been so worried about?

Some disappeared, some were found glued to the ship, and some suffered burns or lost their sanity. There were none without some side effects.

What was the statement issued by the American military?

It was all fiction, and there was no experiment. Was that true? Does astrology have an answer to this question? Let’s look at the chart of the event.

Philadelphia experiment, 28.10.1943, 17:15, Philadelphia

Aries Ascendant indicates that the army (Aries) was behind this event. Mars, the ruling planet of Ascendant, is laid out at 22 degrees Gemini (the degree of deadly danger). It is also retrograde, explaining the reason for the influence of Mars at 23 degrees Aquarius (advanced technology).

In astrology, Aries and Mars describe magnets and magnetic radiation, so it is no wonder that the military wanted to test this new weapon. But what went wrong? What is bad in the chart is Mars in conjunction with Saturn, that planet that always portends some problems or obstacles. Mars itself at 22 degrees speaks of many lives lost in this experiment, and the Moon (people) in Scorpio confirms this.


Neptune, the planet representing the navy, is at 2 degrees, the most potent degree. What does it mean? This planetary placement shows that somebody invented something mighty and deadly, as it was not controllable.

Was the experiment carried out, or was it just a conspiracy theory?

I will compare this event’s chart (Oct 10, 1943) with the chart of the USA.

What can we see?

Mars (the army) is precisely above the natal Mars of the USA, and the transit Uranus (the planet of new technology) is just above the natal Uranus of the USA. Could it be another coincidence? There is no such thing!

Finally, look at the position of the transit Neptune (the planet of lies and illusions)! It is at the peak of the USA’s 10th house (the President), which explains that the President of the USA ordered that the experiment be a top secret (hiding – Neptune). Luckily, we always find the truth somehow.

That was the period when the USA and Germany took part in arms races which later decided the winner in WW2. Who knows what went through the mind of Otto Skorzeny, the Nazi criminal, while standing by the bedside of Nikola Tesla, whom he had murdered. He probably wondered whether Germany would be faster than the USA to make the weapon and conquer the world. But that is altogether a different story.

Your astrologer,

Ana Raković

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