Every story has two sides. His and hers. Yours and mine. Told from the other side, both could be true and not. One side might be lie or partially hiding facts or both sides could think they are in right but they haven`t. There comes justice. Somebody should make a judge on whom side the justice is and who is in right.

The symbol of justice is often showed in personification of Justitia, the ancient Roman goddess of justice. Her looks is very well known. That is a female figure, sometimes with blindfold over her eyes with a snake under her feet, holding a sword in one hand, and the scale in another. That is a symbol for zodiac sign of the Libra and – as you can match yourself – symbol of justice.

Maybe Romans were much closer to astrology than we are aware today. Jupiter (the greatest God of their time) was considered as a father of Justitia. The planet Jupiter and its sign – Sagittarius are symbols of justice system (symbols of courts and the judges) and the sign of Libra represents lawyers, defence and prosecutors.

In the US justice system the jury is sometimes the one who have final decision and the astrology has its answer why. Jupiter (planet of the justice system) is exalted (has it strongest power) in the sign of Cancer (common people), so the jury is the one who gives final judgment in some countries. It should be said that notaries are part of the justice system and mostly are represented by planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius.

The most know say all over the world in all cultures is: Justice is slow, but attainable. Planet Saturn is often referred to something slow, time and durability in time. Saturn is exalted (has its strongest power) in the sign of Libra (justice), so the construction of the saying is so obvious.

Scales or terrasse (Terazije) is one part of the Belgrade city. And how come Terazije is in Belgrade? Why not in Novi Sad or Kraljevo or Valjevo? It`s not by accident because Belgrade was found in the sign of Libra (scales – terrasse – Terazije) and it is logical that part of our capital city has befitting name/

Persons who practice lawyership in their natal chart have highlighted sign of Libra, Venus (as a ruling planet of the sign of Libra) or highlighted 7th house (natural house of Libra – lawyership). Beside that, in some charts you will find highlighted Jupiter and sign of Sagittarius which indicates to the justice.

Here is couple of examples how it works in natal charts.

Example no. 1: chart of a lawyer and politician of Republicans in the USA

Born with Ascendant in sign of Libra (lawyership, politics), so it was quite logical for him to choose that side. But, when we take a look in his 10th house – house of success and carrier – it begins in the sign of Cancer, and its ruler (the Moon) is placed in the sign of Libra (lawyership and politics).

But, that`s not all. In natal chart of this man is obvious success in courtroom, so he is hardly going to lose any case. The Sun (success) is in conjunction with Jupiter (courtroom) – that provides him to have victory road. Because of the sign of Pisces and highlighted 12th house, it could be said that this man, as a lawyer, don`t chose the way to win his opponent.

Example no. 2: chart of French lawyer, not so famous.

He was also born with Ascendant in sign of Libra (lawyership). You can tell his connection to the courtroom by his Jupiter (trial) in his 10th house (job, carrier).

Example no. 3: chart of a lawyer, judge and USA general prosecutor

Born with Ascendant in sign of Libra (lawyer) and the Venus is on the top of the 7th house in Aries (attack – prosecutor) – that`s why he became the general prosecutor of USA. In his 6th house (house of the job) is placed the Sun (supreme authority, honorable position) in exact conjunction with Jupiter (supreme judge), so because of that he worked as a judge.

In assistance of astrology, it is possible to get information are you going to win or lose the trial, are you going to be punished or will you have to pay for the compensation. Questions like: – I`m having a trial with my first neighbour over abutment, am I going to win? Or Am I going to get an apartment for myself after my aunt passed away or am I going to share it with my cousin? Or Am I going to get alimony? etc, etc All the answers you could have if you contact your astrologist.

Expose your case and check is it worth to spend your time and energy on a trial.

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