There always were people whose main occupation was doing scams. Such people often change their identity; commit scams via their credit or bank cards or cheques in order to get a large amount of money which they would use for having a nicer and easier life. However, one of the conmen, who lived in the previous century, became famous all around the world for doing something no one else had done before-he sold the Eiffel Tower in Paris. His name was Victor Lustig.

Victor Lustig was born on 4.1.1890, at 1:14:45 PM in Hostinne (50 N 32, 15 E 43), Czech Republic.


He is believed to be one of the most clever conmen ever lived. On his very Ascendant we can see Neptune (scam) on 2nd degree (the most powerful degree) of Gemini, which is a clear indicator that he was the best in his profession. His Ascendant was Gemini, so he spoke several languages which is typical of Gemini, or those with their Ascendant in Gemini. Before his biggest scam, which made him famous, he would operate (Neptune- scam, thief) on transatlantic ships (Neptune- ships, travelling across the ocean) between Paris and New York.

The ruler of his Ascendant, Mercury, is in his 9th field (abroad), so he left his home town when he was very young. Besides, his 9th field also have Sun and Jupiter, which lead to his living abroad and travelling a lot (Ascendant in Gemini-lots of travelling).

He used to gamble and play cards on ships (Sun in conjunction with Jupiter-gambling, in 9th field-whilst travelling abroad).

One day in 1925, Victor read an interesting news in the papers (reading newspapers is typical of Gemini); he read that Parisian authorities were encountering problems with the upkeep of  the Eiffel Tower. Even its painting was expensive. He suddenly had an idea. A clever conman took a false identity (Neptune in his Ascendant- false identity) of a deputy Ministry of Posts and Telegraphs (the ruler of Ascendant, Mercury, -post, mail, telegraphs; his 9th field presents ministry), and so he agreed to meet the six scrap metal dealers (Mercury in Capricorn in square with Mars in Scorpio- sale of secondary raw materials).


He paid for the most expensive room at the prestigious Hotel de Crillon in Paris (Neptune on 2nd degree, the most expensive hotel), where his meeting would take place. He told the tradesmen that the government wants to get rid of the Eiffel, sell it as scrap metal since it had no means of preserving it. He also emphasised that this transaction had to be highly confidential (Neptune) and that they had to make their bids the very next day. In the meantime, Victor spotted his victim straight away. It was a tradesman Andre Poisson. He invited Andre for another meeting the next day and told him a perfect lie (Neptune). He said that his income from his work at the ministry is quite small so he had to find a way to boost his earnings, thus his sale contracts had to be highly confidential (Neptune). Andre Poisson was hooked straight away (Neptune). He thought of Victor as being one more corrupted ministry official, which is why he gave Victor a bribe and means to pay for the Eiffel Tower.

When Andre Poisson realised he had been scammed, he was so embarrassed that he didn`t even call the police.

Neptune in Lustig`s Ascendant is retrograde (repetition), so Victor tried the same scam a month after but he failed and therefore he had to leave for America (Neptune- a strong influence of 9th field caused him to live abroad).

In America he invented a “money-printing-machine” (Neptune- fake machine on 2nd degree-money). He would demonstrate the capability of a machine to clients which took 6 hours to copy a $100 bill. The clients, sensing huge profit, would buy a machine. However, over the next twelve hours the machine would produce two more $100 bills only. After that, it produced only blank paper. Lustig would insert a couple of money bills in the machine (2nd degree of Taurus-money), and he always had enough time to be gone.

Victor Lustig was a brave and intelligent man ( Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in square with Mars and Uranus (action), thus he managed to even scam the world`s most notorious gangster of those times, Al Capone. Perhaps no one else would ever have dared to do it, but he did. He advised Al Capone to invest his money in stock deal which apparently never existed. Capone gave him 50,000 dollars and required two months dead line to double the existing money. This was the moment of glory for Victor Lustig. He was proud of himself for being able to scam the biggest mafia man in the world (Neptune-scam in conjunction with Pluto-mafia).

When the deadline was over, Lustig visited Al Capone, returned him the money, apologised and said he only wanted to see if he was capable of scamming the most famous gangster in the world. Al Capone could not believe his eyes. At the same time he liked the fact that he was facing someone brave and bold enough to do such a thing. Because of that, Capone stopped Lustig on his way out of the office and gave him $5,000 as a reward.

Retrograde Neptune (repetition and arrest) in conjunction with retrograde Pluto ( a great deal of) lead Victor to even 47 arrests, but he never got convicted. This was because of the position of Neptune (on 2nd most powerful degree); he was always able to get away from conviction. Eventually, he did fall through because of a money scam. His 12th field (prison, arrest) begins in Aries, whose ruler Mars is in Scorpio ( someone else`s property and money). His mistress betrayed him (5th field-mistress begins on 12th degree (Pisces-betrayal). In his 5th field (a woman) we can see Saturn (problems) in square with Neptune (betrayal) and Pluto (revenge, betrayal).He was sentenced to 20 years of prison.

Thirteen years after having been in famous Alcatraz prison he dies of pneumonia.

This disease is typical for persons whose Ascendant is Gemini, the ruler of which is Mercury in square with Mars (pneumonia). His 8th field (death) begins in Sagittarius (abroad), which shows his death far away from his home country. The second ruler of the 12th field (prison) is Venus in Capricorn on 3rd degree (lungs) in the 8th field (death).

Like many other popular con men around the world, Victor Lustig is much admired because of his courage, fantastic ideas and brilliant mind capable of carrying out his plans. He is much admired up to the moment when the admirers become the very victims of a scam.


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