Love starts in the moment when two people start looking for a piece of themselves in each other, as well as  any kind of devotion or resemblance. That resemblance is there to show us a way of convincing ourselves that we have found our soul mate, our second half, in other words someone we would like to spend the rest of our life with. Each one of us, when we fall in love, believes that our chosen person is similar to us. For example, you like the same things like chocolate, you have the same favourite film, you are fond of the same song, you value some human characteristics in the same way, and you both have always wanted to visit Monte Carlo or live in the same place which you have been dreaming of your whole life.

In astrological terms, marriage is represented by the star sign of Libra. There are two pieces in each Libra, two wholes which have to be totally compatible with each other in order to enable Libra to function fully. The very star sign of Libra holds the answer to each of us as to why we find it  so important to find our second half as well as why we feel we need to have many things in common with our chosen person. Simply speaking, Libra has got two plates which have to be in balance to achieve a stable love.

How to preserve marriage?

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Many couples get married with a strong belief that they will live happily together till the end of their life. Were it not true, no one would never ever even think of getting married. So, all of us who start their married life believe that they have found their long lost second half. We all believe in love. This is acceptable since the  astrological ruler of Libra is Venus, which presents the feeling of love as well as most tender feelings we want to share with our partner.

Planet Venus expresses its most dominant power on the sign of Pisces, where Venus is most exalted, i.e. most powerful. However, Pisces present something which is hard to reach, such as our imagination or illusion, which leads us to conclusion that marriage is in fact an illusion. For, two people, astrologically speaking, can never be the same. The 1st field in astrology represents you, and the 7th field, opposite to the 1st, is your partner`s .

Those two sides are completely different and they have to be compatible so that the marriage could work. Many of us will find these facts disappointing, but please remind yourselves of what your love relationship was like at its very beginning and what it is like now, after some time.

When two people live together for a while, those resemblances and bonds between them slowly start fading away. In those situations they both need to start accepting their partner the way they really are. That is the very moment when your pink glasses are taken off and you start seeing your partner the way they are, without any illusions, with all their faults and virtues. This usually happens after seven years of marriage.

Why then? Because, the dominant planet in the sign of Libra after seven years of marriage is Saturn. The planet Saturn brings problems, restrictions and emotional detachment which can only be dealt with by using other Saturn`s skills- by being serious, responsible and persistent. Only then can you save your marriage. Also, your balance on the scale will no longer be disrupted.

Why does it come to cheating in a marriage or relationship?

The sign of Libra represents the partnership; its ruler is planet Venus whose dominance is in Pisces, which represent mystery, cheating or betrayal. Cheating can be platonic too which is characteristic of Venus in the sign of Pisces. Its influence can somehow be mitigated if, apart from civil partnership, your marriage is agreed in Church with God as a witness.  Besides, the date of marriage holds a very significant meaning, for, if it is done in suitable time with the right date, there is a high chance that the marriage will last.

How to be married?

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Since Libra astrologically represents marriage, therefore those born in Libra or with Libra as Ascendant find marriage most important. Those people are hardly ever alone, because they strongly need to have a partner. Even if a relationship does not work, they will not end it, as long as they don`t find replacement, i.e. another partner.


And, what about other zodiac signs?

The 7th natal field describes marriage and partnership. The zodiac sign which begins in this field, the ruler of the field and the planets inside it best describe your partner, how your marriage works, if divorce is possible and when and where you can meet your partner. Here are a few tips what should be done to find your future partner and how to build up your marriage.


If your 7th field is in Aries– During your life you could have more than one marriage proposal as you are very popular with the opposite sex. A lot of people want to seduce you and keep fighting for your affection. You are the seductive one, and your partner is the one who should propose marriage. You should entertain your partner, joke with him. Besides, it is essential that you encourage your beloved one to compete with you in anything. For example, which one of the two will arrive home earlier, which one goes up the stairs faster, which one gets more compliments etc. It is recommended that you start taking up an active sport, your partner would love it.

If your 7th field is in Taurus– Your consideration of marriage is quite rational. You spend a lot of time thinking what marriage could bring to you. What you need is a partner who will provide financial security for you. You could meet such a person at the bank, in the countryside, at some feast, whilst you walk in the countryside, at the concert. You need to seduce your partner by preparing various delicatessens( if you are a lady) or by taking your partner out for a  dinner( if you are a gentleman). When your partner asks you if you belong to him, if you are his, you should know that there are only few days before you get married.

If your 7th field is in Gemini – Sometimes you get into marriage without any thinking, so you could have had more than one marriage in your lifetime. You could meet your spousal on the public transport, in the street, via internet, phone calls, text messages, in the shop, your neighbourhood, or through your relatives, or in any other venue in your surroundings. What you need is to have frequent chats with your partner about a book or newspapers, to invite your partner to come with you on a trip, and finally, as your major tactics, ask your partner for his opinion ( since you respect his views very much).

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If your 7th field is in Cancer– Your partner is likely to be someone from your surroundings, someone with the same background. He highly appreciates family values, therefore what you need to do is- show that you very much care for building up your own home for your family which you would gladly leave to your children once you get older. You must show that you are a very good host or hostess, and that you care for his family as well, especially his mother.

If your 7th field is in Leo– You could meet your partner in a café, restaurant, at the concert, sport event, on your summer holiday, at the course or throughout your hobby.

You should spoil your partner and make him feel as if he were the best. You should make this point straight away if you want marriage with him. If your partner invites you to any of the above mentioned events, you need to flourish -for, to be alongside with the best one, you need to look the best. There is a high chance of getting married in order to have children.

If your 7th field is in Virgo– You could meet your partner at work, in the office, or through your customers and clients. You need to show your beloved one that you are a caring person as far as your diet and health matter. Try to be neat, take care of your outfits, and always tidy up. Your partner highly respects the idea of being perfectionist and analytical as well. Lastly, suggest working together with your partner. If he accepts a job offer, he may as well accept a marriage proposal.

If your 7th field is in Libra– If you want to get married, you need to be ready for an action. You are the one who needs to trigger and win your partner. Firstly, you need to look smart, elegant and with fine manners, your outfits should be stylish and you need to show that you are fair. Besides, your future partner adores gifts. Give her a bunch of flowers (if you are a man), a box of chocolates, an ornament or take her out to a cake shop.

If your 7th field is in Scorpio– All things are acceptable both in love as well as in war.

Do not hesitate to take something that is not yours. This relationship is full of jealousy, passion and fatality. You can win your partner`s heart through sex. The better you are in bed, the more likely you are to get married. And, you must have a sexy lingerie which could provoke your partner`s dirty mind. You could get married because of the pregnancy.

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If your 7th field is in Sagittarius – You could meet your partner somewhere abroad, on a long journey, at the cinema, college, casino or a betting place. Whatever the case, it`s time for you to pack up your suitcases and find your second half somewhere in the wide world. When this happens, make a suggestion to your partner to watch a movie together, play lottery or attend a tennis match.

If your 7th field is in Capricorn– While you are young, you tend to refuse your marriage proposals. You will get married much later than your other fellow horoscope signs. Your partner is usually older than you, or it could be someone you have known for a while. If you want to marry your partner, you need to show that you are serious, responsible, well organised and consistent. Besides, tell your partner that you would like to spend New Year`s Eve at some of the skiing resorts.

If your 7th field is in Aquarius– In this case, you are more likely to have unmarried partnership, since your partner appreciates freedom and independence. It is often the case that those people will never get married at all. Your friends could introduce you to your partner, or it could be someone who is divorced. Treat your partner as your friend, be honest with him whatever the matter, and spend time with your common friends.

If your 7th filed is in Pisces– You could meet your partner somewhere in the seaside, a hotel, a remote place, in the suburbs or your hidden relationship could lead to your marriage. Your partner is very sensitive and he often needs a lot of caring, attention and tenderness to assure himself that  he wants to marry you-in other case he would flee away from you. Spend your summer holiday with your chosen person, listen together to the music, and share a mutual admiration towards art. And do not forget to care for other people.

If you have already been married or in an unmarried relationship once, your second partner will be described by 9th field, your 3rd partner in the 11th filed and so on.

Here are a few astrological examples:


MADONNA, born on 16.08.1958, at 7:05 AM, Bay City, MI, USA



Seventh field depicts Madonna`s first husband. It starts with Pisces in the 8th degree, which tells us that Madonna got married out of great love and passion( 8th degree is Scorpio, representing passion). The ruler of the 7th field is Neptune in Scorpio which is in conjunction with Jupiter in Libra (artist), so it can easily be seen that Madonna`s first husband is an artist-actor. Media often covered news about Madonna`s jealousy scenes with her husband or even physical aggression towards him, which is shown in Neptune in Scorpio (squabbles, jealousy fights). When your partner`s field begins in Pisces, or has Neptune (bad aspects), it clearly shows that the marriage will unsuccessfully end.

Ninth field depicts Madonna`s second husband, which begins in 0 degree in Taurus. Planet Mars is in 9th field which shows that her husband is physically active, i.e. a sportsman. Her second husband, who she had a baby with, was her personal trainer. It was Carlos Leon. Planet Mars in Venus shows that he loved to spend her money and that he wanted more for himself. As soon as he showed his true intentions, Madonna left him, because Mars (her second husband) is in square ( bad aspect) with Uranus( divorce).

Eleventh field describes her third husband. It begins in 9rd degree (Sagittarius- film director) of Cancer, which proves that her third husband is a film director. In his 11th field we can see Venus in Leo which shows that her third husband is quite popular with opposite sexes which find him very attractive. The Moon is on 11th degree (Aquarius-divorce), from which we can see how this marriage ended.

If Madonna decides to get married again, it is going to be someone from her work, an actor, producer or a musician. 


CATHERINE ZETA JONES – born on 25.09.1969. at 2.40 PM, Swansea, Wales.



ketrin i majkl


Her seventh field depicts her present partner is on 22nd degree of Gemini. This degree (degree  of Capricorn- older partner) shows that her husband is much older than her. The ruler of the 7th field (Mercury) is in the 9th field (abroad), so this pretty Welsh girl had to fly across the Atlantic to find her soul mate. Mercury (the ruler of the 7th field) is in conjunction with Jupiter (her husband is a foreigner), and with Uranus ( he is divorced) as well as with Sun ( he is an actor). She is married to famous Michael Douglas.

Her next husband will be a very attractive and popular man, an actor or a film director, who she will meet far away from her home country.


JOHNNY DEPP, born on 8:44 AM, Owensborough, KY, USA


dzoni dep

The news were broadcasting the news about Johnny Depp`s wedding, they were saying that he had set the date for his wedding, and then, this very  man, one of the most popular actors of the present decided not to get married. I am not sure about you, but I certainly believed him when I saw his natal chart. His 7th field begins in 12th degree of Aquarius.

The sign of Aquarius tells us that Johnny prefers to stay unmarried, and the 12th degree shows that he is afraid to get married or say “I DO”. The ruler of his 7th field is placed in his first field which points to the fact that it is him, Johnny, not his partner who wishes to stay free without commitments. In his 7th field we can see a repetitive Saturn (refusal), so Johnny will keep turning down marriage over and over again.

Vanessa Paradis, a French singer, who presently lives in an unmarried relationship with Johnny, is presented in his 9th field. This field has Jupiter in it, which shows that his second wife is a foreigner. Ninth field begins in Aries, whose ruler is Mars, placed in 2nd field ( the field of Taurus), which shows that Vanessa is a singer. Mars is in conjunction with Uranus and Pluto, so there is a small chance for this relationship to survive.

Author’s note: This text was written in 2010. In the meantime, Madonna divorced her then-husband, and Johnny Depp broke up with Vanessa Paradis.

Your astrologist,

Ana Raković 

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