People have been always competing each other and over again. Every new record is a new challenge. And pops up a question – Could I beat it?

We are not even sure are some old records still valid. Numbers are changing and there is always a need to recheck set records, just to be sure is there someone who already broke a record. And always there is someone who manage to be better. The question is when the race is going to stop? Could it ever stop?!

I`m not so sure is evolution upgrading us or is technology going to degrade our physical development, but the fact is that the technology is the key for breaking records in construction industry, for example.

Just imagine what kind of construction miracle was the Eiffel Tower at the end of the 19th century. 300 meters tall building still would be pompous if it would be placed in some other European cities. It was the tallest building until 1930s, when others world-known buildings passed it.

No matter the fact others building bet it, the Eiffel Tower have remained the symbol of Paris. Its center. Its heart.

This is the chart of the Eiffel Tower`s grand opening.

The Ascendant is on the 29th degree of the sign of the Lion, exactly on Regulus, the royal star which always indicates on something powerful and unbeatable. The sign of Lion and especially this 29th degree points at the city of light (light – Lion – Sun) as its symbol. The ruler of the Ascendant is the Sun in Aries – Aries points at building, the metal construction the Tower have been made of (metal – Aries), but also symbolic represents Mars`s fields (Aries – Mars) where the Tower have been positioned. The Sun (tower, symbol) is on the 11th degree (degree of Aquarius – extremely tall building). The famous New York is full of tall skyscrapers. It is founded in the sign of Aquarius. This fact is supported by the most-known symbol of New York – Statue of Liberty – and that liberty is main feature of Aquarius.

The Sun is in conjunction with the Moon, the planet which represents people in the astrology. And because this Moon is the ruler of the 11th house in this chart (natural house of Aquarius – revolution), the symbol have been built in honor of the 100 years of French revolution (the Moon from the 11th house).

The Moon (sign of the Cancer) is the planet which also represents the whole France – it have been born with combination of the Lion and the Cancer (France is the country of the chess, wine and champagne – the Moon).

Even though the building was named by Gustave Eiffel – he wasn`t the one who came up with the visual concept. Its creators were building engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier who worked for Gustave Eiffel. Later Stephen Sauvestre have been engaged. Lets take a look at two examples.

The civil engineer in astrology is represented with the sign of Cancer and the planet Moon. The reason why this sign and this planet is because the sign of Cancer represents houses and buildings as living space and the base of constructing industry is to project living space for people (Moon, Cancer). Everything else are details.

The first chart is the chart of Maurice Koechlin.

Born with Ascendant in sign of Libra and with Venus in 4th house (natural house of the Cancer – engineer) in Aquarius (tall building, tower). 10th house is telling us about his carrier and life success: it begins in the sign of Cancer (engineer) and the Moon is placed in the sign of Aries (building). All clear, right?

Why he haven`t became famous as Eiffel? Well, he was born in the sign of Pisces (secret) and his Sun in Pisces (success in secret) in conjunction with Neptune (not known) is the reason why he fell into oblivion.

The second natal chart the chart of Stephen Sauvestre

He was born with Ascendant in the sign of Pisces (secret) with Neptune in 12th house (oblivion). Neptune is placed in the sign of Aquarius which tells us that his craving was to build skyscrapers and tall buildings (Neptune in Aquarius).

His 10th house begins in the sign of Sagittarius, and the ruler of the 10th house is exalted Jupiter in the Cancer (engineer) on fixed star Sirius (success) in 5th house (in the city of lights). It should be mentioned that the Moon is placed in his 6th house which once more indicates on his job – engineer.

Gustave Eiffel, of course, was born with Ascendant in the sign of Lion, just like the Tower itself, so he got all the fame. Every successful person has a team of people in its shadow and at least one person who helps her in every possible way and encourages her. This time, the justice is pleased. We remembered some people who were extremely important, but their names possible haven`t been known by now because we are all important until we support each others.

The important thing is to create, to leave something after you.

It is important to make your contribution to the human culture which is still be present and keep becoming better and better.

Even if you were the best, you`ll be very lucky if your name will be remembered for next 100 or 200 years and that is only one small piece, one millisecond on the way to the enternity.

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